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Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday is Skyday

If I would not care about the news ...

Sunday, October 21, 2018


While she is sleeping
A moonlit dreamscape her face.
Watching her in awe

Her beauty makes me breathless.
Her love is my oxygen.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Valuable Time of Maturity

“I counted my years and discovered that I have fewer years left to live compared to the time I have lived until now.

I feel like that kid who won a package of goodies: the first ate them eagerly, but when he perceived that there were few, he began to savour them deeply.

I have no time for endless meetings where discuss statutes, rules, procedures and regulations, knowing that it will not achieve anything.

I have no time to withstand ridiculous people who, despite their chronological age have not grown.

I don’t have time to deal with mediocrity.

I do not want to be in meetings where parade inflated egos.

I won’t tolerate manipulators and opportunists.

Bother me envious, seeking to discredit the most able, to usurp their places, talents and achievements.

I detest people who do not argue about content but titles.

My time is too precious to discuss titles.

I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry. Not many treats are left in the packet.

I want to live among human people, very human. People, who can laugh at their mistakes.
Who do not become full of themselves because of their triumphs.
Who do not consider themselves elite, before they have really become one.
Who do not run away from their responsibilities.
Who defend human dignity.
Who do not want anything else but to walk along with truth, righteousness, honesty and integrity.

The essential thing is what makes life worthwhile.

I want to surround myself with people who can touch the hearts of others.
People who despite the hard knockouts of life, grew up with a soft touch in their soul.

Yes, I am in a hurry. So that I can live with the intensity, which only maturity can give me.

I intend not to waste any of the treats I have left. I am sure they will be more exquisite compared to the ones I have eaten so far.

My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience.

I hope yours is the same, because the end will come anyway…”

Mario De Andrade (October 9, 1893 – February 25, 1945)

Hommage à Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel 8 April 1929 – 9 October 1978

Patricia Kaas *9 December, 1966

Monday, October 08, 2018

As for Extremists

"I am against all extremists.
In fact, I think they should be lined up against a wall, and shot."

Chevy Chase
(October 8th, 1943

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

Merci, Monsieur!

Charles Aznavour (
22 May 1924 – 1 October 2018)


Kiri Te Kanawa 

E, pakia kia rite 
E, ko te rite kia rite
E, takahia kia ngawari
E, torona kei waho
Hoki mai 

E whakarongo ai au
Ki te tangi mai
A te manu nei,

A te tarakihi,
I te weheruatanga
o te po

Tara ra-ta kita kita
Tara ra-ta kita kita

Wiri o papa, towene, towene
Wiri o papa, towene, towene

Hope whai-a-ke
Turi whatia
Ei! Ei! Ha! 

- - -

Clap in unison
In unison, in unison
Stamp your feet smoothly,
Hands outstretched,
Then back. 

I listen
To the cry
Of this flying creature,

Of the cicada,
In the middle
of the night 

[cicada noises] 

quivering rear end, whirring, whirring
Quivering rear end, whirring, whirring 

Knees bent!
Hips swaying! 
Ei! Ei! Ha!