Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Discovered: A Turkish Seanachie

As everyone would know my closest friend Tetrapilotomos, a writer who - although a fascinating storyteller - would not dare to write, is one of those stern members of the human family who would hardly get being caught laughing, even if one would follow him into the deepest cellar.

Mostly he'd be busy with scientific research, such as pre-assyrian philately, architecture of the Tuareg, Aztecan horsemanship etc. and, as an ardent advocate for interdisciplinary cooperation, of course, he has got friends and colleagues in almost every village on this globe who are working on the same respectively completely different subjects.
But I am running the risk of digressing a bit.

Where was I? Ah, yes ...
he would hardly get being caught laughing, even if one would follow him into the deepest cellar.

Smiling here and then, yes. But that's all.
The more surprised I was while tonight preparing spaghetti in a spicy mozzarella-tomato sauce and a delicious salad (champignons, red and yellow paprika, bush tomatoes and feta), hearing him chuckle again and again in front of the PC.

At dinner, raising my glass of vintage Ulysses, a marvellous Aetna vine, asked I: Any joyeous news according Kemal

Spake Tetrapilotomos:

Said I: Last time I heard you laughing while we were having some pints of black gold with Calvagh and he was telling the story about O'Loughlins last order, which as you might remember happened to be a very long story.

Spake Tetrapilotomos: Ah, Calvagh O'Seanacháin, Professor for antediluvian fishing methods and philosophy and Erin's finest seanachie. Indeed, indeed. Must visit him again some day. Could you check, if there's a flight to Shannon tomorrow morning?

Said I: Sure, as soon as you've told what made you chuckling for almost half an hour.

Spake Tetrapilotomos: Well, I stumbled upon a Turkish seanachie.

Said I: That's extremely funny, indeed. Next you will tell, that Irish is a Turkish dialect and the first seanachie was a Turkish poteen producer near Knocknamuck, which - by the way - means the hill of the pigs.

Spake Tetrapilotomos: Stop nitpicking, Sean. Let's enjoy this delicious meal - by the way, will we have ice-cream à la Welshcakes Limoncello for dessert? - and then let me introduce you to my Turkish seanachie and his devine interventions.

Poetry at its peak

As I am just told by my dear friend McSeanagall,
in Colin Campbell's Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe
today you'd find

Poetry at its peak,
each word of praise
would be too weak.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Justice or insulting Kerinçsizness?

Smiling like a Cheshire cat from one ear to the other, today Tetrapilotomos asked me to read the following:

Turkish police arrested 33 persons who were actively involved in ultranationalist activities. Some of them are quite high profile. Retired general Veli Küçük, who has been in the news since the Susurluk case, some mafia leaders, the notarious lawyer Mr. Kerincsiz, Aksam columnist Güler Kömürcü, Sevgi Erenerol, spokeswoman for the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate - one opposed to the Fener Greek Patriarchate- are among the arrested ones...

I did and said: Interesting. And what's the amusing part about?

Spake Tetrapilotomos:

"I cannot remember that - and if so when - it happened in past decades that by reading a news I thought I were dreaming.
Therefore, I have been visiting this entry of Erkan's blog, at least twice every day, since.
Not that I wouldn't rely on Erkan who is the best journalistic source one can find in Turkey; no, it's just that I was anxious the good news could emerge as one of my daydreams, that I had become victim of my wishful thinking.

Now, after seven days I have decided to believe my eyes

The infamous Kemal Kerinçsiz arrested. What a pleasure, what a delight! Once again, filled with joy my heart is rising like a falcon up to the sky!
The neurotic who would fill complaints
against dozens of Turkish journalists and authors inculpating them of insulting Turkishness, the pettifogging moron who'd sue the moon if only he could, whenever this planet's celestial neighbour dares to not appear exactly in the shape as is determinated in the Turkish flag, facing a trial himself! Ah, I wish him good health so that he may be able to enjoy the rest of his life behind bars."

Said I:

"Aside from that I remember that once you wished him to lose all his teeth except one for permanent toothache, as an admirer of Mr Kerinçsiz you will be aware of that the honourable gentleman heads the Büyük Hukukçular Birliği (Great Union of Jurists), which is responsible for most article 301-trials. One if not all of his approximately 700 dear colleagues and brothers in mind will do their best to turn the table and file a complaint against the prosecutors for insulting Kerinçsizness.

By the way, my dear Tetrapilotomos, I do start to understand why you would never write what you are thinking."

And here, for the beginning, a bit more about Operation Ergenekon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sudorific science

The secret of science is to ask the right question, and it is the choice of problem more than anything else that marks the man of genius in the scientific world.
Sir Henry Tizard

Ouod erat demonstrandum. :)

Jams O'Donnell did by offering a very heavy and sudorific evidence.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Casting out the devil by 70 Beelzebubs?

'The European Union has announced plans to increase the use of gas and diesel produced from plants. But the critique against biofuels is mounting. Many say they are even more harmful than conventional fossil fuels.'

Indeed. Trying to fight carbon oxide with laughing gas seems as if trying to cast out the devil by 70 beelzebubs.

Therefore, reading this article might be of interest, the more when keeping at the back of one's mind what has been thematized in previous posts.

Friday, January 25, 2008

In mood for meatless food? III

Having read the links commended in the previous post(s), the following will perhaps sound more reasonable.
Personally, I am not thoroughly convinced.
It's is not easy to convince an agnostic. :)

But when even those few German TV-stations I do consider slightly reliable are getting interested in the issue*, Mr Engdahl who makes himself ring a bit hollow by sensation mongering titles as
might be at least not completely wrong.

Judge for yourself.

* There will (hopefully) soon a post covering this

In mood for meatless food? II

Just to make sure you wouldn't miss reading all parts of the Spiegel-article I recommended yesterday. (No, I am not on the Spiegel's payroll; besides, I do not like the spelling style of their German edition).

Part 1: The Choice between Food and Fuel

Part 2: The New Chinese Appetite for Meat

Part 3: Snapping Up Land Across the Globe

Part 4: Can the Poor Afford to Eat?

In mood for meatless food?

You are so shocked by the previous post that from now on you will eat nothing but whole grain bread, muesli, and only sometimes steal your hen one egg?
Fine, as long as you can afford.

Food prices are skyrocketing. Arable land is becoming scarce. And forests continue to disappear across the globe. The world must decide between affordable food and biofuels.

All it takes for Hans Dietrich Driftmann, a businessman from Germany's northern Holstein region, to explain the way the world works is a package of muesli -- or at least to explain the way his world, the world of agricultural markets, works.

Driftmann picks up a packet of "Köllns kernige Multikorn-Flocken" ("Kölln's Crunchy Multigrain Flakes") and reads out the list of ingredients: oats, wheat, barley and rye. Then he slips a set of price tables out of a plastic sleeve and does a couple of calculations to illustrate how the prices of the muesli's ingredients have changed: rye has gone up by 55 percent, barley by 70 percent and wheat 90 percent. The price of oats has also skyrocketed -- by 80 percent -- since the last harvest a year ago. This final figure is what really hits home for Driftmann.

... and the story ends here.

Bon appétit
The Peace of the Night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apropos calves

You read the previous post? Good.

Now don't I know (at least not yet) what you think about killing 2,000 one day old calves per week, nor would I know whether you like eating the veal of calves being turbo-fed within eight weeks.

As for me, rather than killing and / or eating I prefer admiring certain calves and praising their beauty. :)

The Peace of the Night.

Of Vice and Men

Please keep in mind the four links offered in three posts , January 10th:
The Pig Monopoly (Monsanto), Wheat / Soya Rise, Seeds of Destruction, Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic, and those tiny four words 'definively to be continued'.

Thank you. :)

Well then:

Since as a boy I read John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, my blood is boiling whenever I think of racketeers throwing fruits into the ocean 'to keep prices stable'.

Hm, how to cut it short?

Ah, stable is a lovely catchword. It brings me not to fruits but to livestock, and thus to one of Postman Patel's recent posts.

Enjoy, ... if you can.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Augurio, poeta! :)

Another 365 days flown by like 'like farts in the wind' (which is the title of one of his poems): Today my dear friend Giulio Stocchi is celebrating his 'compleanno'.

Auguro a te per le prossimo 366 giorni




e - specialmente se mai qualcosa non immediato vuòle andare liscio -

sereno placidità e viceversa calmo serenità!

May your muse don't stop kissing you, poeta, and may Pegasus give you a good ride. :)

This afternoon I enjoyed hearing the master's voice by listening to 'La Cantata Rossa per Tall el Zaatar' (an album by Gaetano Liguori (music), Giulio Stocchi (text & voce recitante)) and Demetrio Stratos, featuring Concetta Busacca, Pasquale Liguori and Roberto Del Piano, originally released in vinyl LP format, 1976).

But 'The red cantata for Tall el Zaatar' is perhaps a bit dark for such a day.

So may I introduce you to

Pandolfer the cat (translated by Deborah Strozier)

This is the story
of a stray cat with no home
he runs down the streets
the rooftops he roams

yellow is his mane
the color of sulpher
they gave him a name
they called him Pandolfer

Pandolfer the cat
was born in May
he’s big and he’s brave
and he sleeps by day

Pandolfer the cat
is a tiger true
battles with the mice
and wins thirtytwo

By visiting Giulio Stocchi's site and clicking Pandolfer the cat, you get the whole fiaba [not only] per bambini. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tripling the tribute

Neither I'd forget José Carrasco.

Seems it's a night I do remember some special people, representative for lots of courageous journalists.

Take it as a tribute to all those who had, have and will have the courage to speak out against injustice and totalitarism of any kind.
I am not sure, if I had been or would be such courageous.

The Peace of the Night.

... and by the way ...

... 104 days before Hrant Dink got murdered, on October 7th, 2006 and thus - again: by the way - coinciding with the anniversary of Vladimir Putin's birthday, Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated.

Since, they say, the inquiries are running at full speed.

In memoriam Hrant Dink

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clean your brain, bookseller

Spake Tetrapilotomos:
"Can't understand this. In my bookshelf the Satanic Verses are peacefully embraced by Bible and Koran, and there is no trouble at all. A very touching picture."

Asked I:
And what is it you can't understand?

Spake Tetrapilotomos:
Anyone who would not know that selling books implicates touching books.

Said I:
Sounds paradoxical, indeed.

Spake Tetrapilotomos:
Although it's logic.

Said I:
And the moral of the story?

Spake Tetrapilotomos:
Daily washing doesn't guarantee clean brains.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a wonderful world

Welcome, welcome!
Did you have a nice day?
Yes? Oh, how lovely. I am delighted.

Me? Ah, thank you very much. A splendid day it was.
The more as a couple of minutes ago I happened to read one abstract of the Progress Report on Human Civilisation.

Okay, they may have chosen another title, but after reading you will agree that my title is surpassing theirs. Just go on, read it.

And as soon as you have finished, let's altogether lean back and enjoy the rest of this wonderful day.

The Peace of the Night.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Do you speak Guernésiais?

While I was enjoying a "postless weekend", Jams O'Donnell has been pretty productive.

All three postings are very interesting, and therefore recommended:

One about a Hadrian expedition in London, the doors to which will be opened in July;

one about attempts to save a language most of us would not even have known it exists;

one poison cabinet story about a considered coup which, for a change, did not happen.

Jams, your host at The Poor Mouth will be glad to welcome you and answer your comments.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Embedded perversion

Today, leafing through one of my Moleskines, following entry - although almost four years old - again let my blood boil:

Self-promoting ad on ABC, March19th, 2003:


will bring war
to your living

"The attack began shortly after 6:00 a.m. on March 20th, 2003"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gene-rosity? Cui bono?!

Shortly after my visit at (the herewith recommended) Postman Patel where I "stumbled upon" the link to my latest post I "stumbled upon" this.

Oh, well, reading carefully what I portioned into this evening's three posts you will surely find ...
The Peace of the Night. :)

"Pearls" before the swine?

From the Monsanto-pigs to the wheat and soya prices.

May I remind you of we are still on the topic (worldwide) food-monopoly?

Thank you very much. :)

Rather a Dandy than a pig

Well, Brummel, d'Orsay, Baudelaire, Barbey d'Aurevilly, Wilde and des Esseintes (the protagonist in Huysman's À Rebours) kept me busy for a while.
A work about Dandysm in the English and the French literature of the late 19th century.
Work? Rather a pleasure; except for those moments, minutes, hours a chosen word, a phrase, a metapher would not fit, or a smooth transition to the next aspect not be found. At times, no doubt, the master in the devil's kitchen would have demonically smiled about this polite blogger knowing so many wonderful swearwords. :)
By the way, although Dandysm is pronounced dead, when reading this or that detail I'd immediately think of this and that contemporary.

And now - with thanks to the Monty Pythons - for something completely different: Pigs.

to be definitively continued

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

But one quotation

There is scarcely anything more important in the government of men than the exact - I will even say - the pedantic - observance of the regular forms by which the guilt or innocence of accused persons is determined.

Winston Churchill

Monday, January 07, 2008

Literary afternoon

That he knew human nature well, and that he had adopted the only course which could place him in a prominent light, and would enable him to separate himself from society of ordinary herd of men, whom he held in considerable contempt.

Here I stopped reading out, and asked my friend: "Do you think, this hits the mark?"

Taking his silence was consent, I went on:

There was a heartlessness in his character, a spirit of gay misanthropy, a cynical, depreciating view of society, an absence of high-minded generous sentiment, a treacherous versatility, and deep powers of deceit.

"And? Doesn't it ..." At this moment I realized that Tetrapilotomos was enjoying his afternoon nap in my wing chair.

The more surprised I felt when suddenly I heard the sleeper declamate as if his voice were centuries old:

"I looked for no less, my lord, from your High Magnificence, and I have to tell you that the boon I have asked and your liberality has granted is that you shall dub me knight to-morrow morning, and that to-night I shall watch my arms in the chapel of this your castle; thus tomorrow, as I have said, will be accomplished what I so much desire, enabling me lawfully to roam through all the four quarters of the world seeking adventures on behalf of those in distress, as is the duty of chivalry and of knights-errant like, whose ambition is directed to such deeds."

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Not only for a Steppenwolf :)

Like ev'ry flower wilts, like youth is fading
and turns to age, so also one's achieving:
Each virtue and each wisdom needs parading
in one's own time, and must not last forever.
The heart must be, at each new call for leaving,
prepared to part and start without the tragic,
without the grief - with courage to endeavor
a novel bond, a disparate connection:
for each beginning bears a special magic
that nurtures living and bestows protection.

We'll walk from space to space in glad progression
and should not cling to one as homestead for us.
The cosmic spirit will not bind nor bore us;
it lifts and widens us in ev'ry session:
for hardly set in one of life's expanses
we make it home, and apathy commences.
But only he, who travels and takes chances,
can break the habits' paralyzing stances.

It even may be that the last of hours
will make us once again a youthful lover:
The call of life to us forever flowers...
Anon, my heart! Do part and do recover!

Hermann Hesse, Steps

with thanks to the translators

And here in German the original:


Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede Jugend
Dem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebensstufe,
Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend
Zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern.
Es muß das Herz bei jedem Lebensrufe
Bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne,
Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern
In andre, neue Bindungen zu geben.
Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne,
Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben.

Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten,
An keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen,
Der Weltgeist will nicht fesseln uns und engen,
Er will uns Stuf’ um Stufe heben, weiten.
Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise
Und traulich eingewohnt, so droht Erschlaffen,
Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise,
Mag lähmender Gewöhnung sich entraffen.

Es wird vielleicht auch noch die Todesstunde
Uns neuen Räumen jung entgegen senden,
Des Lebens Ruf an uns wird niemals enden …
Wohlan denn, Herz, nimm Abschied und gesunde!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Little Night Musi ... ng

Mozart is the human incarnation of the devine force of creation.

I write as a sow pisses.

A divine sow, then.

The Peace of the Night.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Poor Mouth speaking for Omnium

Tonight, as I am a bit busy with something else - of course, it has to do with Omnium, but not at all with blogging - I keep mine shut, and let Jams O'Donnell's Poor Mouth speak for me.

Jams let leak a seriously hilarious story from his keyboard into the blogosphere.
It's about science and fragrant winds, which is unfortunately not as nice an alliteration as is "wohlriechende Winde".
Hm ... ah! ... Heureka! What's about "wondrous winds"?

And now: Hurry up, and enjoy. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And what next?

As you might be able to imagine I had a very pleasant time between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Example: While I'd be busy with one of my gifts – a mortar – Tetrapilotomos would read to me out of his present: “Nietzsche für Boshafte”; in English the title might read “Nietzsche for malicious (readers)”.

Well, today, I was just extremely busy with preparing a Rucola pesto, out of the blue I heard my closest friend saying, his voice maliciously purring:

By the way, Sean, may I congratulate you and your comrades-without-arms on your exorbitant blogospheric triumph in 2007, and may I ask what country's people you are going to freeing this year?

And when I turned round, my brows forming a question mark:

“Last year you freed Burma, didn’t you?”

My right hand clasping the vessel I was just about saying something like ”And this is a mortar, and you are a mortal”, but in this moment Tetrapilotomos smiled:

”No offence, Sean! Just a tiny piece of sarcasm. Read this."

The rest was silence.