Monday, January 14, 2008

Do you speak Guernésiais?

While I was enjoying a "postless weekend", Jams O'Donnell has been pretty productive.

All three postings are very interesting, and therefore recommended:

One about a Hadrian expedition in London, the doors to which will be opened in July;

one about attempts to save a language most of us would not even have known it exists;

one poison cabinet story about a considered coup which, for a change, did not happen.

Jams, your host at The Poor Mouth will be glad to welcome you and answer your comments.


  1. Postless maybe but saving a poor would-be author in the process.

    Interesting your connection with Jams.

  2. I consider Jams a very worthwhile read. His posts are always interesting and I never miss. I'm sure he will appreciate the nod from you.

  3. James,
    shsshhh. :)

    As for Jams, the connection is rooting in our blogs' names, which both are very closely related to a certain Flann O'Brien. :)

    on the risk of surprising you: I do not disagree. :)

  4. Thanks for the links Sean. Much appreciated!

  5. Oua j'devise le guernesiais (aen p'tit)

    Yes I do speak Guernesiais (a bit)

  6. Jams,
    you are welcome. Great posts these days on your site.

    Thus, perhaps you'd be even able to tell me the answer to following gullick in (Shetland) Norn?

    Fira honga, fira gonga,
    Fira staad upo "skø"
    Twa veestra vaig a bee
    And een comes atta driljandi.