Sunday, January 27, 2008

Casting out the devil by 70 Beelzebubs?

'The European Union has announced plans to increase the use of gas and diesel produced from plants. But the critique against biofuels is mounting. Many say they are even more harmful than conventional fossil fuels.'

Indeed. Trying to fight carbon oxide with laughing gas seems as if trying to cast out the devil by 70 beelzebubs.

Therefore, reading this article might be of interest, the more when keeping at the back of one's mind what has been thematized in previous posts.


  1. Nicely put, Sean. Getting better and better by the day, like a good wine.

  2. The article states:
    'Carbon-rich peat bogs are being drained and rain forests destroyed in Indonesia to make way for extensive palm oil farming.'

    No wonder it is so difficult for Australia to import Peat moss. At the moment Australia is importing Peat from New Zealand. I wonder when they are going to jump on the BioFuel bandwagon?

    What about about the flora and fauna that live in the forest? I better start collecting more orchids!!!

    Surprise me Sean, what about a happy post?

  3. James,
    thank you very much.
    It is said: Is maith an sgathan súil charad. - The eye of a friend is a good looking-glass. :)

    Mother of the orchids,
    there seems to exist no cure for improworseners. :)
    A neolinguism is not bad a surprise for the beginning, isn't it? But I shall try to improve - for the better. :)