Friday, January 25, 2008

In mood for meatless food? II

Just to make sure you wouldn't miss reading all parts of the Spiegel-article I recommended yesterday. (No, I am not on the Spiegel's payroll; besides, I do not like the spelling style of their German edition).

Part 1: The Choice between Food and Fuel

Part 2: The New Chinese Appetite for Meat

Part 3: Snapping Up Land Across the Globe

Part 4: Can the Poor Afford to Eat?


  1. That was a very informative and interesting series of articles.

    Thanks for posting them on your site. Looks like Farming is the way of the future, provided that one gets rainfall.

  2. And I thank you for taking the time, Ardent.
    As for the future: I am quite sure there are interesting times to come - not only for farmers ...