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Saturday, April 14, 2012

C(h)ara mo chroidhe

About 18 months ago a niece,
going to move from here to there

asked if we knew someone ...
Ha! Superficial girl.
And now to something completely different:
I like cats;
especially when they do not live with me.
Which is why I said:
Alright, we shall give your cat a home.
Ah, how scrubby and shabby the little creature was.
She did not know what freedom means.
Meanwhile she does.
And therefore only sometimes comes
to eat and take a rest.
Her early name was Snowflake
I call her
C(h)ara [mo chroidhe] / [Friend [of my heart].
I do still think people
accepting animals in their homes
are stupid.
The peace of the night.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Now spring has arrived

Lady's smock

35 years ago we could walk along meadows
of cuckoo flowers alias lady's smock
Cardamine pratensis and
cowslip alias
Primula veris ;
for the past thirty years we could not walk along ...

the more glad I was to detect about five square metres
with lady's smock these days.

Certainly evidence for that
Seanhenge is one of the places
where nature loves to ... survive.

Friday is Skyday


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I love idleness so much and so dearly,
that I have hardly the heart
to say a word against it ...

[Charles James Fox]

Friday is Skyday

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