Saturday, April 14, 2012

C(h)ara mo chroidhe

About 18 months ago a niece,
going to move from here to there

asked if we knew someone ...
Ha! Superficial girl.
And now to something completely different:
I like cats;
especially when they do not live with me.
Which is why I said:
Alright, we shall give your cat a home.
Ah, how scrubby and shabby the little creature was.
She did not know what freedom means.
Meanwhile she does.
And therefore only sometimes comes
to eat and take a rest.
Her early name was Snowflake
I call her
C(h)ara [mo chroidhe] / [Friend [of my heart].
I do still think people
accepting animals in their homes
are stupid.
The peace of the night.



  1. Sometimes we are chosen and are given no choice in the matter.

  2. Nothing stupid about making a new friend. :)

  3. Dogs have masters, cats have biological tin-openers!

  4. Of course she is a friend of your heart. She is free and so are you.

    She knows you are there when she needs you ;-)

  5. With four furry fiends we must be extra foolish!

  6. A beautiful cat with a lovely name. She was lucky to find you, Sean.

  7. Well, Susan,
    this would explain the unexplainable. :)

    For the cat, Claude, not for me.

    Ah, that's, of course, true, Ashley.

    so it is. Was it Jams who told the following?
    Cat meets dog. Says the dog: "My master and mistress are quite okay". Says the cat: 'My stuff isn't bad, either.'

    you think I am free? Ha ha, I must hurry and tell the cats. They do like good jokes.

    Ah, Jams,
    the not-wife and you do love having cats around you. That is not foolish.
    Foolish is not to like animals within one's house, but still to share one's home with some.

    very lucky she was, indeed. :)
    In her first two years she had never been outdoors; she did not know how to climb over a mesh wire fence. - You should see her now.