Sunday, December 31, 2023

Same procedure as every year

If I've counted correctly, Germans can/could watch Dinner for One (The 90th Birthday) 14 times today on different TV channels, between 9:40 and 23:40, and also nine times in different German dialects, including Schwiizerdütsch.
And this year there is a big show on two channels, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Dinner for One.
Very strange folks, the Germans. Well, judge for yourself.

Tiny tip-off: Be absolutely determined not to laugh.

Dinner for One

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Laughing Lhursday*

I hear that 90000 (in words: ninety thousand) earth-dwellers  – LGBTQIA plus  all those genders still to discover, and, believe it or not, even a few women and men) – from this and that continent and many an island swam and walked in a climate-neutral way to Dubai to act as world saviours.
And that's exactly what they did for 14 days in air-conditioned rooms and on full board. Acting.

So let's enjoy a climate of peace on earth, now and forever.


* [For first time visitors]:

Typo in the title?
Nah. It's just that I would not let a tiny T spoil an avantgardistic alliteration.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Heine's Doctrine


Beat the drum and don't be afraid,
And kiss the sutler!
That is the whole science,
That is the deepest meaning of books.

Drum the people out of their sleep,
Drum Reveille with the vigour of youth,
Always march ahead drumming,
That is the whole of science.

That is Hegel's philosophy,
That is the deepest meaning of books!
I have grasped it because I am clever,
And because I am a good drummer. 

Heinrich Heine (13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856)

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Voice of a Century


 Maria Callas (2 December 1923 – 16 September 1977)

Friday, December 01, 2023

Wolfram is back

Just in time for the start of the month, Wichtel Wolfram is back in No. 10.
He would even have moved in a night earlier, but unfortunately, as he wrote, he was unable to install his door, let alone make himself comfortable, as everything was clogged with toys, which he asked to be cleared away by the next evening.
Which of course happened immediately.

And so - "Hooray, hooray!" – Wolfram is back, writes that he is so pleased to be allowed by his boss to spend the pre-Christmas period with the same lovely family as last year, but asks for indulgence that everything still looks very much like a construction site. "I do suddenly feel very exhausted from all the lugging around and have to treat my self to a nap first."
However, he had already unwrapped a small gift – a Christmas calendar to listen to, on which a story is unlocked every day until 24 December.