Thursday, April 19, 2012

Laughing Lhursday

Ominous pursuer.
It took a while to shake him off.


  1. I hope Sgt Pluck confiscated the bike It;s for your own good you know!

  2. Why do I never see anything like this where I live? Toronto is so boring!

  3. Jams,
    that was my thought, too. And: when after about half a mile turning left from one second to the other the pursuer had disappeared.
    Whoever else could have performed such a cless?

    Watch out, dear Claude, watch out, when in ten days the witches of Toronto are saddling their brooms to attend the Brocken for Walpurgis Night.

    Hm, ... why not asking one to give a lift? :)

  4. Great photo of the very fields that have become part bicycle. Truly though, a very good photo.

    And Claude, a photo of the shadow of you and that snazzy new Ambulateur would be nice... although you'll need a digital camera first. I'm sure you'd be surprised by the sights you might manage to photograph and put up on your blo... (Ooops. Sorry)... send to me to put up on my blog, I meant.

  5. How did you shake it off? Did it just merge with the grass?

  6. Andrew,

    by indicating right, and turning left ...

  7. Perhaps it was a mistake shaking him off... He seems like a nice companion to have around.