Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Justice or insulting Kerinçsizness?

Smiling like a Cheshire cat from one ear to the other, today Tetrapilotomos asked me to read the following:

Turkish police arrested 33 persons who were actively involved in ultranationalist activities. Some of them are quite high profile. Retired general Veli Küçük, who has been in the news since the Susurluk case, some mafia leaders, the notarious lawyer Mr. Kerincsiz, Aksam columnist Güler Kömürcü, Sevgi Erenerol, spokeswoman for the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate - one opposed to the Fener Greek Patriarchate- are among the arrested ones...

I did and said: Interesting. And what's the amusing part about?

Spake Tetrapilotomos:

"I cannot remember that - and if so when - it happened in past decades that by reading a news I thought I were dreaming.
Therefore, I have been visiting this entry of Erkan's blog, at least twice every day, since.
Not that I wouldn't rely on Erkan who is the best journalistic source one can find in Turkey; no, it's just that I was anxious the good news could emerge as one of my daydreams, that I had become victim of my wishful thinking.

Now, after seven days I have decided to believe my eyes

The infamous Kemal Kerinçsiz arrested. What a pleasure, what a delight! Once again, filled with joy my heart is rising like a falcon up to the sky!
The neurotic who would fill complaints
against dozens of Turkish journalists and authors inculpating them of insulting Turkishness, the pettifogging moron who'd sue the moon if only he could, whenever this planet's celestial neighbour dares to not appear exactly in the shape as is determinated in the Turkish flag, facing a trial himself! Ah, I wish him good health so that he may be able to enjoy the rest of his life behind bars."

Said I:

"Aside from that I remember that once you wished him to lose all his teeth except one for permanent toothache, as an admirer of Mr Kerinçsiz you will be aware of that the honourable gentleman heads the Büyük Hukukçular Birliği (Great Union of Jurists), which is responsible for most article 301-trials. One if not all of his approximately 700 dear colleagues and brothers in mind will do their best to turn the table and file a complaint against the prosecutors for insulting Kerinçsizness.

By the way, my dear Tetrapilotomos, I do start to understand why you would never write what you are thinking."

And here, for the beginning, a bit more about Operation Ergenekon.


  1. Sean, I am not very familiar with Turkish Ultra National groups. But if you and Erkan are filled with glee, it must be a momentous occasion.

    'The infamous Kemal Kerinçsiz arrested. What a pleasure, what a delight! Once again, filled with joy my heart is rising like a falcon up to the sky!'
    I find it admirable that you can talk so poetically when referring to scumbags.

  2. Dear Ardent,
    it was Tetrapilotomos who advised me of the incident.
    Sometimes, to tease me, he would choose some of my favourite phrases in situations out of place. - May be it's his revenge for that I'd not be amused did he dare to let parts of our exquisite collection of swearwords jump off his tongue.

    As you might know, whenever I feel certain persons highly deserve severest swearboarding and therefore can hardly stop my temperament, I'd commend them to visit the devil's kitchen and to choose themselves which words attributed to them they would consider most insulting.

    Now, am I doing my best in order to become the politest blogger? And wouldn't you agree my best is good enough? :)

  3. Ash you asked Sir, I fullfilled your request..)))
    I this good English?
    Maybe the Dutch and their language must rule the world..))
    I love Chigago!!!!!

  4. Hans, your speeking iz acksent free, ant Eye undastand u perfecktly. Zank u. Eye em looking vorward to ze comments hopefully to com.
    Ze Dutch and zeir language rouling ze world? Ze Dutch languadge was desined by Turkish tungs, you infidel yabancı, you!! :)))
    Chicago?!?! Eye em sirprysed. Tell mee mor.

    ze peec off ze nite!! :)))))))))

  5. Dear Sean,
    As you know, Internation Musing is the new blog, its not Internations Musings anymore..))
    So, one of the six writers could post this comment..))
    But! I agree that we Dutch must rule the world, again, as we once did...since our main export is peace and tolerance..))
    Next time I will reply in classical Latin, without an 'accent'..))