Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apropos calves

You read the previous post? Good.

Now don't I know (at least not yet) what you think about killing 2,000 one day old calves per week, nor would I know whether you like eating the veal of calves being turbo-fed within eight weeks.

As for me, rather than killing and / or eating I prefer admiring certain calves and praising their beauty. :)

The Peace of the Night.


  1. Not only is it disgusting and a waste to kill those male calves, but I also feel sorry for the cow.

    The cow carries the calf for so long, endures the birth, only to have greedy men only interested in economic benefit kill the offspring at a day old.

  2. Hmm the only meat eaters in our house are the cats. In my own little world I would be much happier if the calves were put in woollen britches and passed off as children....

    All spik English?

    All spik sor!

  3. Quite, Ardent. That's what most people felt - in case they took notice of such articles.
    And then? Most people would shrug, sigh at 'the poor poor creatures', and enjoy the next delicious morsel of veal-cutlet.

    it seems to be animals' paradise in your little world. :) Pity, it is not bigger.
    Well, I do like eating any (almost) any kind of meat and fish. But such cruelty and unscrupulousness just let me feel furious and ... helpless.

  4. Did you ever read Temple Grandin's 'Animals in Translation - Using The Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behaviour'? [2005, Scribner, New York]

  5. What amazes me is the lack of attention paid to kosher and halal slaughter methods by the animal cruelty crowd.

    That would be interesting.
    Animal cruelty crowd vs Islamics.
    Tee Hee
    The religion of pieces!

  6. Although kosher butchering and halal slaughtering has (yet) not been thematized, this blog's contents should indicate there are not two opinions wavering between you and me, anon.