Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And what next?

As you might be able to imagine I had a very pleasant time between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Example: While I'd be busy with one of my gifts – a mortar – Tetrapilotomos would read to me out of his present: “Nietzsche für Boshafte”; in English the title might read “Nietzsche for malicious (readers)”.

Well, today, I was just extremely busy with preparing a Rucola pesto, out of the blue I heard my closest friend saying, his voice maliciously purring:

By the way, Sean, may I congratulate you and your comrades-without-arms on your exorbitant blogospheric triumph in 2007, and may I ask what country's people you are going to freeing this year?

And when I turned round, my brows forming a question mark:

“Last year you freed Burma, didn’t you?”

My right hand clasping the vessel I was just about saying something like ”And this is a mortar, and you are a mortal”, but in this moment Tetrapilotomos smiled:

”No offence, Sean! Just a tiny piece of sarcasm. Read this."

The rest was silence.


  1. We in western countries are very lucky Sean because our government does not stop people watching dissident and international news broadcasts.

    We instead are filled with a diet of Murdoch dominated/Pro American/Pro Republican/Pro Zionist/Anti Arab/previously Anti French (and the list could go on much longer) rubbish which is disguised as News.

    I wish our government would also raise taxes so we would not have to listen to those questionable news stories .. er.. lies.


  2. I suppose it's one way for a regime to crack down on people's viewing but I bet it won't work. The Iranian authorities clamp down on satellite dish ownership from time to time and that has no real effect

  3. Ardent,
    a) yes, we are (quite) lucky. Let's knock on wood.
    b) I do agree ... by anticipating that you would not disagree when I add there are still quite a journalists doing a good and sometimes even excellent job.
    c) hm, hm, hm ... :)

    Physically or psychological: A tightened thumbscrew slightly untightened still hurts, whether in Iran or Burma.
    The main reason of this post was, anyway, mocking myself. :)