Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hiatus interruptus

Memento moriendum esse.

After all! Still not well, but slightly better I feel.


Well, similar words I chose 98 days ago, only a couple of minutes afterwards, from one second to the other, to learn I had been pretty wrong.

And since I am - sometimes daily, sometimes hourly - taught quite a few of the consequences one has to take in account when for weeks protracting a pneumonia.

My doc says it may take half a year, one year or even two years until my body will have forgiven me.

The more I do appreciate I am still alive.

Thanks a lot, again, to everybody who sent me good wishes while I was trying to cheat 'Brother Death'.

Now is 'Brother Death' part of Omnium [which - Omnium that is - for those who (still) would not know is ... everything].

And, in a way, there have been interesting dialogues between her / him and me. (Not sure yet, if Brother Death is not a Lady and thus - so to speak - a sister.)

I shall not talk about those dialogues, though.

Would be boring, eh?
Thus, to rather cut it short:

I am back.

Am I? Indeed?

Not sure.

February 19th, March 24th - several times I thought now I am well enough.

However, whenever I thought Now it's better, often within seconds I had to live what somewhen I started to call sister Death is (once again) poking fun on brother Sean.

Yes. There have been moments when I came to terms with my sister. Alright, if you mean, ...

Accepting my death does not mean I was/am jubilating. So many things I want to do, to live, to ... enjoy.

Phew!! Some of the 'breathtaking things' I'd love to enjoy presently I might hardly  survive. :) 

Well, and to write an online  di(e)ary is not part of my desires, too.

As said I am grateful.
Times are too interesting to spend them six feet under, would you agree? :)
And: Knowing that the longer I live the shorter I am dead, implies
that the longer I live the less time I have to be diplomatic

Means: In future - not knowing how much future I have - [by the way: do you know?] I shall be even less  diplomatic than ever I was.

Isn't this sad?

Not to call evil persons evil 'cause one does fear the consequences?
Mind you! Not necessarily the consequences for oneself, but those for one's family, and thus for those who perhaps would prefer yourself 'just to shut up'.

... ha ha ha ...

The scissors in one's head ... spare the censor.

With no respect: Fuck them! All of them. [The scissors and the censors]

My! I am so glad there don't exist Omnium-flags.

Imagine: Omnium flags being burned in ... well: anywhere. By people who don't even know what Omnium is.

Ha ha ha . . .

What a ridiculous tragedy.



This is a mess.

A great chance for improvement, would you agree?

I'll try to do my very best, anyway.

The peace of the night.


  1. Welcome back, Sean. You were missed.

    Take your time and take care.


  2. How marvellous to have you back, Sean!

    Sister Death is indeed very near - for all of us, all the time, though this is a reality we manage to repress most of the time.

    Still, I am very glad that she has decided to leave her seduction of you for another time; one, I hope, far in the future.

  3. Very glad to hear from you, Sean, and grateful that Brother-Sister Death has released you for another while!

    I wish you well, and good heart, in your recovery, and I look forward to your diminishing diplomacy when you feel up to it.

  4. Hey Sean!
    But still glad to read this!
    Going to see Faust I & II this afternoon (in the theatre that is). Seems he had to do a few things with life and death too.
    Take good care of your self!


  5. Ahh! following on from my previous comment... I see you are improving but still not quite well.

    Take good care of yourself, I think sitting in your garden may hasten your recovery ;-)

    As to diplomacy, your are one of the most diplomatic people I know.


  6. Oh, Sean, it is so good to have you back! Take care. Love from Sicily. x

  7. Welcome back! It's a relief to hear your voice. Take care.:)

  8. Good to see you back my friend.

    Best wishes.

  9. Seanshine returns, if weakly. I am happy to see it.

  10. Great! I'm looking forward to enjoying your stuff again.

  11. Dear All,
    thank you for your kind words, and, please, let me assure: the more time flew away, the more I missed you.

    Hahaha, this could be diagnosed as narcisstic. Anyway, I do mean it.

    In other words: More than missing to write down this and that, I was missing you.
    Strange, isn't it?
    ... Gosh, this could become long a story ... :)

    you being the first to welcome me back is a lovely surprise, as I felt slighty sad when noticing both you and your golf(ing) partner had announced their retreat.
    I am looking forward to your comeback.

    Knowing that not only you are part of Omnium but one of The Pars as well, I am glad to see your boys on a good way to win promotion.
    Not giving away six points against Partick Thistle, Dundee and Red Lantern Stirling, and - my! - how cometh they could lose against Greenock Morton?! - they could already be ten points ahead from The Rovers.
    Anyway, if a fairy gave me the option to let Dunfermline win promotion, I'd ask her to ask the music-loving poet Clumsy to restart his blog....

    knowing nobody is able to resist her seductions life's sister can be patient, more or less.
    I am grateful she seems to have decided that I may share a bit more time with her sister.
    Even more grateful I were, would she give me more power to enjoy life.

    perhaps I was exaggerating.
    Looking back I think any reader of this blog could know what I am standing for.
    Actually, there are / I do see two options.
    One is, to attack everyone and everything I consider to be evil.
    The other is, to develop / offer ideas which include an'l' - ideals.
    Knowing myself slightly well, I can imagine that I shall try it this way and that way.
    ... which again sounds awfully diplomatic, I suppose.

    Faust I & II ... that's - in a way - life within one afternoon, hm?
    Hope you enjoyed, my friend.
    Wish I could bang my Faust on the table, and life for everyone would be a wonderful experience.

    sitting in the garden these days is wonderful, indeed. If only it felt as wonderful were I busy (in the garden). Presently I don't.
    Sometimes it's very hard to be patient.
    ... and if you could listen you'd learn that I am by far not as diplomatic as you think. :)

    Ah, Welshcakes,
    growing different tomato-seeds from Sicily make me feel living near to Modica, ... which is a nice feeling.

    I'll do my very best ... in the hope my best will be good enough.

    ... and good to have a friend like you are.

    very weakly, indeed, my dear friend. Even certain mills seem to be laughing in the wind.
    Anyway, however short his breath: Not will fail Seanso Pansa to follow Don QuiScottie on his various quests ...

    ... and I do hope soon I shall feel fit for excursions to Greece. :)

    All again:
    It may sound strange, but having not much power these days / weeks / months, I do have to set priorities on ...
    Blimey!! One does always (have to) set priorities, doesn't one?
    Fortunately, I can be sure you know what I mean. :) Can't I?

    Anyway, as soon as I do feel a bit better I shall start to visit and (hopefully) leave some words more regularly.
    The peace of the night.

  12. We do not appreciate our good health until we are inflicted with bad health, do we?

    Take care of yourself Sean and may you become healthy very soon.

  13. So glad to see you back! Take care of yourself and may your healing be swift.

  14. jmb,
    thank you so much for your kind wishes.
    You are, of course, right ... in general.
    As for myself, I do think I have always been taking health for what it is: the best a (human) being can enjoy.

    a swift healing - now, that is a fine wish. Thank you so very much.

  15. Welcome back Sean,
    I am happy that they in Turkey lift the ban on blogger so I can witness your resurrection.)) Which means, the old Sean is death viva the New On.)!!
    I had a pneunomenia twice a year lately but I was still smoking, so had to quit that and did on April 1, that helps!.))

  16. oh.....and I look forward to a less diplomatic Sean.))!!!
    happy Easter!

  17. Hans
    never I doubted Erdoğan Pasha's a prototype of a democrat. Always I was sure His Magnificent Stupidity would lift the ban on blogger so that everybody can witness his wisdom when it comes to order destroying monuments he does not like.
    Ah, and re 'wisdom': Sister Death made me decide that wearing a smoking might look nice, that no-smoking might even be nicer.
    Interesting that I don't suffer from any withdrawal symptoms.
    And re-thinking my announcement: Being diplomatic does not necessarily mean not to make one's opinion very clear, hm?
    My good thoughts are with Ozlem you you.