Saturday, January 14, 2012



  1. Interesting music ensemble...Great voice, deeply emotional! Didn't know the singer. How do you get Greek letters on your keyboard?

  2. Claude, απλά αλλάζουν με τη ρύθμιση γραμματοσειράς και ... εύρηκα

    (Clue to above, but not quite to solution: Γοογλε τρανσλάτε)

  3. Δεαρ Kλωδ,
    you may not remember his name by clicking the 'label' Giorgos Dalaras you will remember that you heard his voice at least once before.
    As for your question: You get the Greek alphabet in the character map of windows.
    As you could tell, being far too lazy to copy and paste each single letter I did, however, just γοογλε s'agapo, copied one of the many Σ'αγαπώs and voilà. :)

    Δεαρ Hνδρου,
    :)))) = Homeric laughter