Friday, April 26, 2013

Waiting for train

Waiting . . .

very relaxed . . .

... ah, there it comes.


  1. They do take their time don't they...

  2. Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre.

    I love the photos. Long time since I was in the countryside waiting for a train to pass.

  3. I really like that first image, Sean. Great composition.

  4. I'm sure there was time enough there for at least a couple more cars to cross. Still, I'm glad you were patient because the pictures are nice.

  5. I've got one of them too...

    The rail crossing just along the road, I mean... not the car... or the pair of trousers (though I do have these too).

  6. CherryPie,
    they do, especially in moments when people think they 'have no time'.

    actually it's a crossing not far from the next human dwelling. :)
    And when did you take your most recent ride on a train?

    Thank you. Glad you like it.
    I'd have prefered to show the track bed, too; but then the number plate of the first car on the other side could have been seen.

    ah, what are five minutes waiting compared to getting smashed to pieces, which now and then happens – preferable to young heroes who thought they had 'no time' (to wait).
    Well, now they doe 'have time', up til infinity. :)
    Glad you like the photos. Thank you.

    Don QuiScottie,
    not that I doubted you're in possession of trousers, but I thought you were an afficionado of Kiltish Powers.

    Remember(post and comments)? :)

  7. Ah... Now that was a fine comments thread, but truth is that in my 57 years I have never worn a kilt, and never intend to. Strange, because I vaguely recall through memories of a sore head that I have once worn a dress ...but that is a party that I and everyone else present would prefer not to remember. I think that was the party at which my Lady (then my mere girlfriend on trial outings) was dressed as a nun... Ah yes, it was, and that was a long and very strange evening, not to mention the awakening together in the morning, though perhaps the event at which our lifetime bond was forged :) And what a damned attractive nun she was, may I say... Phew... though now I am troubled that she must have found me to be an attractive lady. Out! Damn memories. Out! (Ach no... I quite like them really) Goodnight.

  8. At Christmas time, seven years ago, I went, from Toronto to Montreal, for what should have been a pleasant five-hour-train-ride. I didn't know that the systm was now computarised. It totally failed an hour before we were due to arrive. We were stranded for 3 hours waiting for another train to bring us to destination. We had to transfer, in the dark, over snowed tracks, with our suitcases.

    A few years before, I had written quite a romantic "Mémoires" about the train rides of my childhood. I even got $50 from a newspaper to allow a chapter to be printed. I don't think they would want a report of my last ride...unless they don't mind a few rude French words tossed in!

  9. Your "Mémoires" Claude... Could they be shared? I'm happy to put a few guest posts, however long, on my blog, because I DO remember you don't want to have a blog, in addition to the guest images you have begun to offer me. I am hesitating,because you might shout at me... "I don't want a blog, I never will have a blog, I don't want to be on anyone else's blog..."... etc? But your Mémoires... others would enjoy them, I'm sure

  10. Trains are almost always worth waiting for.

  11. Did I say you ever did Claude?

    I said you might...

    I might be wrong. I often am.

  12. Don QuiScottie, Claude,

    emphasis on 'almost'. :)