Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas (War is over)

War is over now?

... if I want it?!

Well, I want it.

So what?

Ah, same procedure as every year:
A child's born.
Its 'cross': malnutrition.
About 10,000 times a day.
So Merry Christmas then,
and peace on Earth.
And after the mass
enjoy the masses on your table.

Sumptuous meals,
a Lucullan feast.
After all, (billions of) individuals can't change the world,
can they?
May the Lord care for the poor souls, eh?
Fucking hypocrites!


Those who feel offended are meant.



  1. That you've posted about this tragedy isn't offensive; what's offensive is that the problem continues to grow worse.

    “The ever more sophisticated weapons piling up in the arsenals of the wealthiest and the mightiest can kill the illiterate, the ill, the poor and the hungry, but they cannot kill ignorance, illness, poverty or hunger.”

    Fidel Castro

    1. Quite, Susan.
      But certainly we could find a quote of someone who has less blood on his hands-

  2. It's sad. It's tragic. It's frightening. What a world we live in!

    What gives me a small amount of hope is that some people (not billions, but some. And I know many of them.) are trying to solve the problems and help feeding families around the globe. If there would be NOBODY, and if you (and others) would NEVER put posts of awareness, then I would drown in despair. Thank you!

    May the true Spirit of Christmas be in your heart and life today, and remain with you in the New Year.

    Much love, dear Sean. :)

    1. Claude, I do admire your optimism.
      And thank you for your good wishes.
      I am sure the vast majority of human beings on this planet would like and perhaps even be able to live in peaceful relation with their fellow humans;
      (almost) no chance, though.

  3. I recently saw a Yoko Ono exhibition called War is Over (if you want it). I felt the same skepticism about the title: yes, I want it, but that doesn't mean we'll get it. However, I do believe that we are each responsible for adding whatever little piece of peace that we can add to the world.

    1. . . . and otherwise I am responsible for each atrocity? Humbug!

      Although I do not believe in anything, I do see your point, though.

    2. Ha ha ha, (this time) I "knew" I was going to cause a(nother) misunderstanding.