Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday is Skyday

65 years later . . .


  1. Is this (was this) a Friday, sky day Birthday?
    Many many good wishes for the day and
    your friendship, dear Sean.

  2. :)
    Well, it was the 65th "birthday" of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Didn't you notice the link? Seems I have to make my links easier to find.
    Apropos 'find': I am glad I 'found' you. Very glad. Thank you for all your kindness, Susan.

  3. I read: "The authors of the Basic Law sought to ensure that a potential dictator would never again have the chance to come into power in the country..."

    That would be quite a law. I may need to dig into details.

    1. The so-called Fathers of the Grundgesetz did quite a remarkable job. Still, in 1990 Germany should have got a constitution, as postulated in article 146.
      Recent governments, step by step, are trying to water it down, according to the motto 'Constant dripping wears away the stone'.

  4. Before reading the comments, I was going to ask, "Is the Basic Law working, Sean?"

  5. The sky is stormy...That's why I had that question.