Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Walnuts & Starlings

How many?


  1. I started counting the starlings (my favourite 'garden' bird - as they are called here) and then saw a sparrow, is it a tree sparrow? I went and looked up their locality etc. Basically, distracted myself, but enjoyably. Nice tree btw :)

    1. That's what I asked myself. Far from being sure I think rather than a tree sparrow it's a female house sparrow, of which we still do have a few in our region.
      It's a huge tree, attracting the attention of many birds. :)
      And now go on counting. :)

  2. I see over 16 starlings (étourneaux). If there is a sparrow (moineau), I wouldn't know. I'm not very good at recognising little birds from a distance. Presently, I'm listening to a starling singing in French "PuruPuru" ( Then, I'll find a sparrow. Not Edit Piaf. :-) Long time since I listened to birds. Thank you for your post. It must be so great to harvest walnuts from your own trees. Please, forgive mistakes in this comment if any.

    1. To start with the end: Errare humanum est, eh. :)
      If the photo's quality were not suboptimal there would quite a few more starlings to detect.
      Are you sure your starling singing "PuruPuru" is not a playback performance? ... Well, may be, though, it is a ventriloquist.
      It's great to harvest walnuts from our own tree, indeed. One basket a day, these days.
      And three weeks ago we made apple-pear-juice – 400 litres