Monday, April 03, 2017

Cherry Blossom

Early this year.


  1. Earlier than the one on the grave of our dear white cat, which is just at the stage of buds beginning to split to reveal a glimmer the white catty molecules within. It will be glorious soon. And by the by, I expect I will be taking a rest from all blog commenting for a while now; but hopefully I will still be around. Nothing alarming, just a change from the same procedure as every year. Enjoy the Springtime, and the Springtime of your grandchildren in your glorious Autumn.

    1. Oh, your dear white cat? The visitor?
      Ah, no, I see. Your tree will bloom, and thus has already lived some springs.
      And thanks for your good wishes, dear Andrew.
      May you and the yours also enjoy the coming months until you end your rest from blog commenting ... and may many good ideas spring to your mind.
      Take good care of yourself, my friend.

    2. A long dead white cat from the childrens' childhood. The visiting cat is sitting beside me now.

      Bye for a while.

  2. Cherry... that means me... but I am not sure I am a Blossom.

    Oh no... I see the beautiful blossoms of a Cherry Tree :-)