Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday is Skyday

Sunset of a life.
Still plans. Still lots of desire.
And a status quo.

One has to change some things then.
Those, left behind might be shocked.*

* Someone recently said:
Those affected, those left behind, may it happen after two years or after 42, will never understand. You will always be the  bad woman, the bad guy.


  1. Your sunset photograph is stunning :-)

    I think I am missing the nuance of your poetry...

    1. Thank you, CherryPie. A lucky "shot".

      As for the tanka: I hold it with those poets who won't explain their few words with many, but leave the interpretation to each reader.

    2. and each reader may therin find interpretations that may surprise the writer (or may not, obviously).

  2. I think I am catching the nuance of the poetry (much resonating with my own thoughts), although I may be wrong. Those left behind will probably not care too much though (fortunately).

    1. ...not care too much in my case, I meant.

    2. Hm. Now I'd give not just a penny but a few pints for your thoughts, Andrew.
      Those left behind not caring too much might make it easier?
      My good thoughts are with you.

    3. Ah but perhaps the commenter should not explain his thoughts to the poet who will not explain his words, leaving both immersed in a mist of mixed imaginations?

  3. A pair of ancient trees
    Lean on one another
    Shape one another
    If one falls
    In a storm
    By axe
    Will it be missed?

    1. Hm, I think I do see your point, Susan.
      Human beings are, however, no trees.