Friday, June 01, 2018

Flashmob Friday


  1. Fantastic! Brought so many memories. At my music school, we listened to the Bolero while playing the snare drum part: 15 minutes of 4,050 notes, endlessly repeating. It was a lesson in rhythm to teach us patience and poise. Hope it worked! I found myself automatically entering the group this afternoon. Why not? It was public, and everyone arrived from everywhere. Nobody noticed me, slipping in, and tapping on my desk. I would never have been allowed to do this when the Toronto Symphony Orchestra presented it at a TED Talk, a few years ago.The musicians all looked so grim. As if they were playing at a funeral. I could have cheered the atmosphere immensely. Thanks for your presentation, Sean. It's brightening my day.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memories, Claude.No doubt you would you have cheered up the "Toronto Funeral Orchestra". ;-)