Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Night Music

Bella Davidovich *16 July 1928

With thanks to Claude who sent me this and made me aware of that this week it was the lady's 90th birthday.


  1. Thank you for posting, Sean.
    Simply magnificent: the Concerto and the interpreter.

    1. Happy Birthday Claude. 90 spins and still spinning...

    2. Ah, Andrew, sorry, seems I was not clear enough: The lady I refered to was Bella Davidovich, who had her 90th birthday on July 16th.
      Madame Claude's birthday is in September.

    3. I didn't think our Claude was 90, but your words persuaded me (obviously)... Maybe best to quietly delete my comments eh? Before our young lady sees them... Ha ha...

    4. No no, it took a while, but in more than one decade I was allowed to detect Claude's sense of humour, which is why I am pretty sure she will take it with a lenient smile.
      Won't you, dear Claude?

    5. Not wishing to let anything go to waste, I will suggest that Claude can gather up the birthday wishes now and keep them safe until the long away time spins around...

  2. Dear Andrew and Sean,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your exchange. Actually, everyday is my birthday as I keep "spinning" persistently, from September to September, with no reprieve. It's a bit tiring at times. But nothing I can do to stop the ordeal. One must fulfill one's destiny. I was born in 1929. And the whole world was plunged in a deep depression. At least, financially! Been trying hard to fix things up a bit. But it's still quite a mess in many places. Must be why I still have to roll Sisyphus' boulder up the hill every morning. Many thanks, friends, for having brightened some of the hours. You often revived and enlightened my spirit. Merci de tout coeur.