Friday, August 02, 2019

Friday is Skyday

Flying high ...
... diving deep


  1. Planet Germany? Looks nice. I wonder if I will be allowed to visit any more after October 31st (supposedly).

  2. Ach, only 37% of the electorate voted to leave (but that leaves 28% who for some reason thought it sensible not to vote). Anyway, all options remain open. I am feeling the most likely may be a new referendum but some of the comments from the EU top bods may make the result even stronger for Brexit, actually; though maybe not. It's a mess in many ways, but an interesting mess. Mind you, the EU itself is a mess also, even disregarding the possible departure of the UK contribution. Big Boris will sort it all out though, obviously. So long as Broughton Brewery and Innis and Gunn Brewery both survive, oh and BrewDog, of course, and I keep earning in dollars and euros, Don QuiScottie will be fine. I would add a few smileys but the Don would resurrect to lance me.

  3. Here we are, Andrew: Normally, there would be no need to worry about idiots like (you choose the names); there is rather a need to worry about that there are so many idiots to bring them in power; ... and that there are so many idiots who would not vote but afterwards not like the result and demand a new referendum.
    Sometimes I'd like Don QuiScottie ... not to resurrect – he never died, but to return.