Saturday, January 11, 2020


January 12th
which in 2019 was a Saturday
in Murcia's Teatro de Romea
to watch "Bohemios"
the one-act in which Amadeu Vives
had drawn on the same source as
Puccini in his four-act "La Bohéme",
was one of those days
I felt entirely happy.


  1. Can such contentment be attained again without a return to Murcia? It is in the mind, after all. I hope so (and my hopes have indeed changed things in the past, for both myself and others... although not always entirely as expected, admittedly). Still, I hope.

  2. Not exactly the same 'contentment', but I felt happy afterwards on quite a few occasions.
    What I wrote came upon my mind, when in my archive stumbling upon this very photo and deciding to post it.
    In which way have your hopes changed things?