Sunday, March 27, 2022

Beers & Books CCVIII – Joseph Roth

"Die ukrainische Volkskunst ist eine ganz eigene,
mit stark ausgeprägten Kennzeichen,
und hat weder mit der russischen
noch mit der polnischen
oder tatarischen etwas gemeinsam."

Neue Berliner Zeitung – 12 Uhr Blatt, 13. Dezember 1920
"Украинское народное искусство является собственным,
с очень четкими характеристиками,
и не имеет ничего общего с русским,
польским или татарским народным искусством."

Neue Berliner Zeitung - 12-часовой лист, 13 декабря 1920 года
"Ukrainian folk art is entirely its own,
with strongly marked characteristics,
and has nothing in common
with either Russian, Polish or Tartar."

Neue Berliner Zeitung - 12 o'clock paper, 13 December 1920

Joseph Roth (2 September 1894 – 27 May 1939)


  1. I just wondered if you have read any of Edward Rutherford's books? They show how the first settlers reached a land and traces their history through remarcably threaded together stories. I've just bought 'Dublin'. I notice he has one on Russia.

    btw a new poem blog is out

    a bit diffrrent, a cycle of poems ased on a Lilian Beckwith novel.

    1. Not even ever heard I have his name before you mentioned him, Mark. For the moment, I think he won't make it on my shelves.
      And now I am heading over to read your latest poems.