Monday, June 25, 2007

A Director for Devil's Kitchen

By reading this article by ELİF ŞAFAK published a while ago* in TDN (Turkish Daily News) you will find the Turkish author quoting a Director of Cultural (sic!) Affairs:
"Honor killings apply only to those who run away without informing their families, who deceive their husbands, and not to the innocent."

As this humble blogger's maxime is not to insult any animals, genitals et al. by voicing his disgust - which admittedly proves to be extremely ardous to comply with, at times -, I do ask my readers to carefully study what this huMAN might be called in Devil's Kitchen. [Link may follow, hopefully soon.]

Well, as said, no swearing here, I swear.
But there is one thing I wish:
May this Director of Cultural Affairs lose all his teeth!
Well, may one remain.
For toothache - 59 minutes per hour.

The Peace of the Night!

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