Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The murder is out!

Those having been reading "The Third Policeman" will not only know the name of the author (no link needed, therefore); being asked to recite the very last question they would, of course, be able to do so blindfold; moreover, they even could while lying in Morpheus' and respectively or somebody else's arms.
Thus, why repeating what everybody knows?
Those few blissfully ignorant are requested to immediately enter the nearest bookshop and order the master’s piece. After reading they may return and breathe the magically charming cantrip of stand hangstill - the sublime sublimeness of being part of Omnium.

End of the beforegoing.

And now to cut a long post short:
About seventy years after being asked, one of the last most brainteasing and riddling conundrums of all mysteriously puzzling enigmas in literature has been solved:
The ominous bicycle has been found.


  1. My Dad loved Flann O'Brian and used to gufaw regularly. He also liked Homers Illiad and Spike Milligan, but there you go. I have read a few many years ago. One summer I went climbing n Ireland and we did some rock climbing and mountain climbing in the south west. After a very wet climb and an increasingly misty trudge to the top, we came across a bicycle on a post. Very surreal. I cannot remember the name of the the location, but your photo reminded me of that little moment.

    Glad you find my blog interesting.

  2. Colin, what a pleasure for my eyes to learn that your Dad is obviously a man of exquisit literary taste and therefore will have got pretty close to the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything.
    This fact makes it not easy but a tiny little bit easier to slur over that you "don't really like books". Therefore, whenever I should stumble over a literary tremendously ambitioned cooking or gardening book, you will be the first to know. :)

  3. Ashley,
    thank you for Omnium [= everything = asking]; not only is your question a legitimate, but also a good one.
    Of course, 'omnium' would have done / do as everything is (part of) Omnium.
    As the average temporary would probably not yet be able to appreciate f.e. a novel containing Omnium [= 669] Omnium [= pages] Omnium [= filled] Omnium [= with] Omnium [= but] Omnium [= one] Omnium [= and] Omnium [= the] Omnium [= same] Omnium [= word] – Omnium that is – I think it's helpful to 'speak' of an ominous bicycle instead of an Omnium Omnium, though.