Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bow to Brel a man's life, there are two important dates: his birth and his death. Everything we do in between is not very important.
Jacques Brel (April 8th, 1929 - October 9th, 1978)
This may be so. On the other side, there lies a grain of truth in what I think George Santayana once stated (trying to translate):

At death the leopard leaves behind its coat,
and man his reputation.
Well, and some would leave behind some wonderful chansons.

Although I find this one more impressive (judge yourself), for those who do not speak French I chose the version that's offered with English subtitles.


  1. What very powerful words in his song. It is very sad that he passed away so young.
    Thanks for the video and the introduction to Brel.

  2. The great Jacques. Gone but not forgotten.

    This is the third tribute to him that I have seen in the last half hour and one of them was by a lady from Brussels. What is the adjective for one from Brussels? I must find out.

  3. Ardent,
    he was a good one; and certainly he deserved that you would have a déjà vu when visting Jams. :)

    the third one was Eurodog, I suppose? If so, she will certainly be able to help you with the adjective. :)

  4. Shame it was the anniversary of his death the occasioned a flurry of Brel posts mais c'est la mort!

  5. Jams,
    right. On the other hand: at least some people would not have forgotten him.

  6. I had forgotten him until I saw your post (as a widget) and clicked on the French version you offered. Un bel hommage, Sean. Thank you!:)