Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off I go

... - and Monday I'll be back.

Well, in case Frankfurt doesn't turn out to become my Mersin. :)

Either way, it's all part of Omnium.

Thus, enjoy life.

:) Hm, one never knows, therefore: May those I treated unfair forgive me.


  1. I hope your journey is happy and ... uneventful.

  2. Good luck at the Fair, safe journey and "those" are but mythical creatures I am sure.

  3. Sounds like fun. I hope you have a great time :-)

  4. Hey, hope to see you there! I'll take the train at 5:30, hope to be there latest at 09:30 and stay all Saturday long and please please please see and may have a tiny chance to talk to my favorite author, Ece Temelkuran... She'll talk about poor people in my country... So, hope to see you too! ;)

  5. Ardent,
    thank you. Very happy days, indeed, I lived; and as you see, the very event did not happen. :)

    lucky I was, and safe was the journey - thank you.
    As for 'those': You are very kind, and yes, fairness is one of my maximes. Still, sometimes - with (late) hindsight - I do / did (have to) realise that (once) I was unfair.
    Well, and sometimes 'we' do not at all feel 'guilty'; and that is why I asked those to forgive me. :)

    fun it was, too, and I had a great time - thank you. :)

    Miss Copernicus,
    not knowing you had left the message above, to meet one another amongst 78.000 people ... hm, this was happenstance, wasn't it? :)

  6. Are you really 'back' Sean..)

  7. Hans,
    yes and no.
    Yes, I am back home; no, the impetus to go on blogging is not back. :)