Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Closed book opened

Thanks to Tetrapilotomos since yesterday the mechanisms of bourse respectively stock exchange to me no longer are a riddle wrapped up in enigmata:

You buy one hen, one cock,
and sooner or later you have 100 hens.

Then there comes a torrential flood,
and all your hens get drowned.

When in this moment you sigh:
'Ah, if only I had bought ducks', - that's stock exchange.


  1. Brilliant, Sean. Love it. I had to translate it for my work colleagues because I burst out laughing as soon as I read it.

  2. A funny and precise observation, Sean.

    I think the current financial tsunami has wiped out the hens and the ducks.

  3. Try a rabbit the next time, or a roaring Tiger..))

  4. Haha Good one Sean

    I've always thought of the City of London as the world's find the lady game played by people prone to massive (and costly) panic attacks.

    Sometimes I wonder if we would be better off buying magic beans!

  5. I love this Sean. My chickens are currently in cryogenic storage and I live in hopes of their revival, should I live so long. I think the ducks also succumbed to the same flood.

  6. Ladies, gentlemen,
    glad you liked what you read. I'll pass your accolade on to my friend.
    Personally I've no doubt his example will make its way into the textbooks.