Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a post (office)

Sometimes I am sad that I can't write in English as fluently as I'd like, 'cause there's so much I'd like to write.

Sometimes .... sometimes I think my readers are lucky that ...

Anyway, here I am back again.

Thanks to those who left kind comments; thanks to those who sent kind and encouraging emails.

Well, once being told 'Sean you are either a genial slob or chaotic genius' - and I am taking this for one of the best compliments I ever got - I'd of course not be writing all the time.

Suddenly I thought of all those thousands of photos waiting to be scanned. :)

Why wouldn't I digitise them years ago? Answer: Look above. :)

Anyway, while scanning each photo brought memories back; all the thoughts I had while taking the pictures.


To give you a glimpse here are some (random) photos I took when striving through the Wicklows in Ireland, in 1985:

As my English is so bad, when reading 'Collier' I did, 'of course', think of the French meaning (jewelry); anyway, what a shop! Two pages in my diary. :)

Opposed you'd found this idyll.

Getting a bit closer ...

... and closer ...

Now, is this a post office?!
And now I wonder
if any visitor is able to show me what those two spots in Redcross are looking like nowadays. :)

PS (especially for my dear watchdogs): While writing (not in English) I might bore you with posting some light 'Irish posts'. Don't give up. Stand by. One never knows when I am fancy of writing that Monsanto et al seem to be bucking fastards.

The peace of the night.


  1. Sean is back, good to see..))
    And with pictures, welcome!
    Btw, I love your Irish posts.

  2. If I'm passing through Redcross on my way to Dublin tomorrow, I'll take some pictures for you (if I can find the spots in question; as I recall, Redcross isn't that big!)
    Good to see you back, Sean!

  3. Sean, I do not know why you keep saying, your English is bad. Your write much more eloquently and cryptically then most people whose mother-tong is English... Your style is beautiful, smart and quite cynical at times, which makes it a great read.... :)

    That is why you have one follower who keeps coming back for more!

  4. Welcome back :-) :-)

    and I totally agree with Nevin's comments.

  5. Proud to see that BP was already regular in Ireland in the 1980's.


  6. Sean, you always have a way of making me laugh.

    I also agree with Nevin and Cherry Pie.

  7. Don't be sad, be glad that you write as well as you do. You are comfortable enough to make wry jokes and only sometimes am I confused here. But I always wonder if it is your humour which confuses, for it is seldom your English.

    Gosh, those pumps were already ancient in 1985.

  8. Glad to see you back again. It's a long time since I've been anywhere near Wicklow. I bet Redcross has changed a fair bit since you were last there

  9. Great photos - live in Dublin but haven't been in Redcross for a while. Gosh, it looks like something out of the movie, Deliverance, here!

  10. Dear All,
    thanks for your kindness and patience.
    As soon as possible I hope to find leisure to do what I am missing these days - visiting you regularly.
    Thus - fingers crossed - until soon.

    glad you like the 'Irish ones'.

    you are great. Thanks a lot! Update will (also) follow as soon as possible.

    you are so kind. thank you.
    Probably I should not (have) complain(ed) as a) it could be taken as fishing for compliments and b) as it's all my fault; after all, I could have studied harder, hm?
    Actually, I am just complaining about that my German is better than my English. :)

    :) ... and I am still oweing you the letters t till z. :)

    ha ha ha ...

    you are lovely. Thank you.

    ah, imagineing how marvellously I could confuse you were my English perfect! :)
    Thanks a lot for your kind words, Mylady.

    thank you. As DE's photos will show, Redcross has indeed changed - like the whole Ireland; if for the better on the long row, I am not sure, though.
    Speak to you soon.

    Ah, Wendy, :)
    if I got (and remember) it right, you've not even born when these photos have been taken. :)

    The more lovely it is to be told by you the photos are ... hm, choosing instead of 'great' a litotes: not bad.

    Ahhh! And thanks for reminding me of that there are still the (most recent) photos of the Doubtful Egg waiting to be uploaded.

    As for the fact you have not been to Redcross for a while: I can think of many many other places more worthwhile for a Dubliner to spend some nice hours. :)

    P.S.: Will you please forgive my openness, dear Recrossians? :)