Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Neither can a donkey

Ní sheasuigheann rith d'each maith i gcomhnuidhe.

Even a good horse cannot keep running always.


The peace of the night.


  1. You're a great friend.:) You just gave me the perfect reason for slowing down. Maybe I've been more a donkey than a racing horse. But everyone needs a rest now and again. Life rushes you out of breath at times. Why does one keep running when it's so nice to stop for a while, in a field of flowers, and just listen to the birds and the sound of a cascading river?

    Wishing you a lazy, sunny day in Seanhenge.:)

  2. yes, no need to add words, Claudia summed it up. :)

  3. Claudia, His Girl Friday,

    in view of an accelerating celerity more than 200 years ago Novalis commended his contemporaries to exercise slowness.
    How could I not - in times like these?

    Well, most of his contemporaries did not listen to the poet, and so won't most of mine.

    Claudia, after breakfast for half an hour I have been watching the butterflies dancing around Seanhenge, two sparrows taking a bath in the bird bath under the plum tree, and then read a chapter in Pessoa's Book of Unrest ... ha ha ha

  4. That made me smile, i have been having a lazy day :-)

  5. This is how philosophers should greet each other: 'Take your time!'
    - Wittgenstein

    This goes for everyone, or everyone is a philosopher, I think.

  6. May be Novalis took his time, alas time didn't in his case.

    I've been taking time for some time now, but there doesn't seem to be enough time at the time.

    But it is good to read about these butterflies and sparrows...

    Take it easy!


  7. So pleased you watched butterflies dancing around Seanhenge.:) It's been proven that they have a great healing power on the human psyche. One cannot but feel renewed and inspired by their presence and beauty. Let me share a long-ago memory of one of them.

    Once, on a summer day,
    A butterfly loved me.

    Now I'm old and gray.
    But once I was pretty.
    Some men befriended me.
    It's gone and far away.

    But not the brief instant,
    The magical moment,
    A butterfly chose me
    And rested beside me.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Happy Butterfly Day to all.:)

  8. I am definitely a donkey rather than a horse Sean. Even then I'm lucky I'm not for the knacer's yard what with my knee!

  9. One must have the slow and still times to appreciate more the fast and busy times....and vice versa.

  10. It might interest you to know that the word each is directly derived from the Latin word equus, just as the Irish word asal is connected with your German word esel

  11. CherryPie,
    how cometh that I can hardly imagine you having completely a lazy day? :)

    quite! All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.

    Bertus,it is interesting, though, that Novalis would commend more slowness. Us time-travelling 200 years back would probably laugh like his contemporaries ignored him.
    Well - who knows? - perhaps Novalis had made a time travel to the early 21st century. :)

    it's certainly healthy for a cold eye to have a warm one at its side. In other words: (Mostly) I am glad to be a realist watching the world with a cold eye, and (almost) at the same time a dreamer.
    Not that it would always be pure pleasure, but (mostly) I do like this mixture. :)
    Thanks for the poem. It is lovely.

    horse or donkey - don't fear the knacker's yard. In Seanhenge you'd always get the kohlrabi of charity. :)

    spot on!

    ha, thank you very much for that!
    If I drew the right conclusion, each one is a horse ...
    Now I do like the proverb even more.