Saturday, September 12, 2009

Proms & Prospects

Same procedure as every year.
As I just watched this year's 'Last night of the Proms', I thought you might also like a musical bed-time treat.


And as tonight I did especially enjoy this Haydn piece, voilà!

Well, and as after all today's picking and digging, cutting and planting I am not sure whether I shall tomorrow be able to move my arms and fingers, I do not only wish my esteemed readers
the peace of the night,
a joyous Sunday
and already
a smooth start into the coming week.


  1. Now I am wondering about those aching arms? Not too achy I hope.

    Have a great Sunday :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. And I hope you're enjoying the party in spite of sore arms and fingers. All the best. Always.:)

  4. with all the picjing and planting could you do any "air conducting".

    I hope your arms are okay today

  5. These pieces must have brought inspiration and relaxation to those aching fingers and arms...
    Much enjoyed Sean.

  6. Sean, I apologize for not commenting much in your blog. I have been extremely busy with the new school...

    I hope your arms are feeling better. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Dear Sean - My son asked me to delete my comment praising him to the hilt! I understand him. My mother did the same in my youth. And I would be very annoyed.

    I do enjoy your presentation, and this young woman's playing. Thank you!

  8. Ahem, once again late I am. Once again, too, it is good to know that you'll forgive me with a lenient smile.
    Thank you all for your empathy. I am glad no one called me a soft-egg. In Germany a man who would be a doing a bit gardening and afterwards whineought not to be surprised when being called Weichei by his compassionate contemporaries. :)

    my muscles enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday - as it was raining. :)

    I suppose you're refering to the Proms.
    Yes, I enjoyed the party, although I remember years when both program and atmospehere were far better.

    what might look like air-conducting would probably be just a strange kind of air-panting. :)
    Thanks for the good wishes. As it's been said: Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten. :)

    they did ... to my ears. Fingers and arms pretended to be deaf. :)
    Glad you enjoyed the music.

    ah ... please! No apologises! You make me feel so guilty!! :)
    Like you are busy with getting familiar in your new surroundings, I was almost all September extremely busy with not blogging.

    Which is why you did not only make me feel guilty, but smile. Thank you.

    it is not necessarily good to have parents. Proud parents loquaciusly praising their children can be pretty embarrassing.
    Knowing this from experience. :)