Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mayday - the third

Nurse: The hypochondriac in room 69 is dead.

Doc: Ah, now he's exaggerating.

- - -

Am I exaggerating? Who knows?


Wish I were well. I am not, though.

May those who sent me e-mails and did not yet receive an answer, forgive my laziness.

Be sure, my thoughts are with you much more often than I let you know.

And, please, be sure, too, I am tired of (mentioning) my self-inflicted weakness.

Therefore, I have decided from today onwards to 'have' one post a day.
Photos, mostly.
Not many words I suppose.
Neither I may 'feel like' answering comments - if there are some.
See?! Words don't come easy to me these ... months.

So good, the more, to see / imagine your lenient smiles.

Thank you.
And: The peace of the night.


  1. A photo a day will be wonderful, Sean. Best Wishes.:)

  2. You think you've got problems? Huh. I told my doctor I think I'm a hypochondriac and he told me I was just imagining it.

  3. Ahem... Windmills? You think they are going to stop whirling just to let you get better?

  4. I know a hypochondriac who has actually become seriously ill - one of the most difficult patients to nurse I have ever known! Now, instead of imagining that he's sick all the time, he imagines that he's dying ...

    I like the one from one of the old Lives of the Saints:

    "He died, worn out by a life full of penance, illness and suffering, at the age of 95."

  5. You think Andrew thinks he has problems!

    I told Andrew's doctor that I thought he was a hypochondriac and he said, "He is but he's also imagining it!"


  6. Whatever you do, Sean, don't feel obliged or pressured. You can always downshift to a photo a week, or a single word a month, if the going is tough! (Just make sure it's a good word.)

  7. I guess my comment was selfish.....:(

    But I repeat it: A photo a day!
    Dear Sean, you've got to fight this.:)

    ILLNESS (Mark R Slaughter)

    Clawing at the guts of life
    (The enteron exudes in desperation)
    Targeting a disconnection of the fizzing brain,
    Viral armies work the anatomic landscape,
    -breaking, entering; raping the
    very cells that constitute the unison of being.
    How dare they! How bloody dare they!
    Sh*t! You can't even see the little b*st*rds!
    They're eating you away and you don't even see them-
    It's as if one day, your body suddenly decided to rot-
    Before your very consciousness.


    Nurse Claude says: You've got to fight that.
    One photo a day, dear, dear Sean.;-)

  8. It will be wonderful to see photos from you. Photos can quite often speak a thousand words :-)

    But most of all take care of yourself while you recover.

  9. Well....Maybe every 3 days? :))))))

    Be well, friend.:)

  10. It'll be great to see you back blogging regularly. I hope you do feel better soon Sean

  11. Claude,

    Problems? Me? Huh ...

    Don QuiScottie,
    what a question. Both we know windmills are much more sophisticated, don't we?

    ... at the age of 113 I might agree.

    let us - for a moment - forget about Andrew and (other) hypochondriac contemporaries.
    Up the Pars! [I told you, didn't I?]

    my dear friend: one day I shall find the very word to express my feelings for you. Hopefully.
    Meanwhile: Thank you!

    ah! Thanks to the nurse! :)

    you do, of course, know how good your words make me feel, hm? :)
    Thank you very much.

    so far, I am getting close to one photo/post a day, am I not?

    thank you so much for your good wishes. I suppose most people in my situation would feel obliged to say they are feeling 'much better'.
    We do not need such lies, do we?
    Thus again: Thank you, my friend.

  12. Sean, you just take good care or yourself!! That's what's important. Sending good thoughts your way.


  13. Knatolee,
    who am I not to obey,
    dear mother of bees and hens?
    Seriously: Thank you you very much, Mylady.