Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spiral of violence

As new details surface of the US operation that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the legality of the mission is being debated in Germany. Many are also critical of rejoicing [link added by sj]- they say it is inappropriate. 

Full article here.

Apart from that operations cannot kill, the peace loving US-American killing experts did, of course, not violate international law. Neither it is unethical for peace-loving people to rejoice in the killing of an evil human being.  

Or do you think anyone in the U.S.A. would complain if somewhere in the global village an operation were launched and after its success the world could hear certain politicians say:
"By killing George Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, David Letterman, Henry Kissinger et al. the scourge of terrorism has suffered a historic defeat but it's not the end. The fight against these criminals* must continue and the states who are their targets must unite to fight them."
The peace of the night.

After all, "justice would have been done" [Mr. Obama], hm?


  1. "Spiral of violence" says it all, and it's a downward one at that.

  2. Knatolee,
    and ... naive as I am: It could be so easy to simply live what certain people are trying to tell we need to fight for: a humble life, respecting each other.
    Yes! Again: It could be so easy.

  3. As far as i am concerned it´s just another settlement amongst criminal gangs. And Democrats are there to make it salonfähig.

    And the tragedy of present day American democracy is that it cannot produce a better alternative for Obama

  4. And now that justice (?) is done, the New York people live in fear that they are the next target of an al-Qaeda's attack.

    "Each man death diminishes me
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls.
    It tolls for thee."

    (John Donne)

    The word verification is: 'spite'.

    Upon learning of Osama's demise, my son said, "May God have mercy on his soul!"
    I'm adding, "May God have also mercy on the hunters' souls."

    Une nuit de paix, Sean.:)

  5. No God? No mercy? No soul? Just us, alone, and floundering? And will perpetual peace indeed come to each of us, in our time? I hope.

  6. I think that now we are headed into a downward spiral of violence. One that the people of the world don't want but despite that the leaders seem to take us on that journey...

    In relation to other comments in this thread, we all have a soul it is part of the collective conciousness. Some are good and some are bad...

  7. Can't say that I am sorry Bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes but it changes little in the scheme of things. Hopefully the brave protestors in the Arab world are showing the way

  8. Propaganda is relatively cheap and the powers that be have complete control of the US media.

    I'm delighted to see you've recovered enough to return to blogging. Apologies for having missed your premiere.

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  10. Many men and women were killed since our species exists.
    Anyway I am now in my apartment, The Hague, after a nice stay in my garden.

  11. Bertus,
    as often, we are of the same opinion.
    As for democracy: The U.S.A. are a republic, aren't they?

    ... and one of my first thoughts was: Blimey, that's the beginning of universal peace.
    John Dunne - peace be upon him six feet under - may have felt diminished. I don't, by the death of any criminal, may his name be Ahmadinejad, bin Laden, Cheney or ...
    Has a lot to do with your mentioned word verification.

    Thanks for your fine wish. Three nights ago, I did indeed sleep fine,thus enjoying the peace of the night.

    as long as 'in our time' includes 'after our last breath'. I hope.
    'Hope'. A lovely word, hm?

    interesting choice of words: One that the people of the world don't want but despite that the leaders seem to take us on that journey....
    And why would we let them take us on that journey?!
    I am no scientist. Therefore, I do not know if I do have a soul.
    Being asked if my consciousness is collective, my answer would be: 'Rather personal, I suppose.'

    as for bin Laden & Co.: d'accord.
    As for 'the change in the scheme of things': We should not leave all responsibility to show the way to the brave protestors in the Arab world, hm?

    However: When so many people are able to figure relatively cheap propaganda, why would they not those very powers packing?

    Apologies?! Ha! If there's one who ought to feel obliged to beg pardon, it's ... not you. :)
    Be sure, Mylady, as soon as I shall again have learnt to walk on the wire, I shall ...

    this was neither a post about Islam, inquisition or peroxide blonde fascists, but rather one about double standards.
    Anyway, bon voyage.

    without pc sitting in front of my PC, I do agree.

  12. I didn't think it would be understood by anyone. But I had to try....

    Hope you have another peaceful night. :)

  13. Claude,
    [with almost 18 days delay]
    as mostly, you did it well. :)

    The peace of the night.