Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring ... for any reasons?

While for several reasons I am once again extraordinary busy with not blogging;
while for several reasons the world – although possible –
is not going to become a better place;

while ... well, you could go on and on, yourself, couldn't you? ...

spring is flowering out.
For severals reasons, probably.

And, for several reasons,
my heart does rise with joy like a falcon up to the sky,
whenever I am so lucky that my eyes do notice
what in the following I am going to share.

Blausterne (does anyone know the English name?)
growing between wall and sidewalk;
a daffodil,
Blausterne again
(does, meanwhile, anyone know their English name?)
daffodils, again, near a trunk
that might (fingers crossed!) get chosen to become summer residence
of a Queen of bumble bees;

and another Blaustern.
(Does anyone meanwhile know ... ?)


  1. Spring provides treasures to cheer us up :-)

  2. To busy even to ask Google? Who instantly says Squill (and gives the Latin name too) of which there are many types. But it looks like a type of Squill, though we could just as well call it Squab, or Squismoto or Omnetechnitium546beta. I've never heard of Squill though. Sounds like a silly name to me.

    w/v is Jundu Nthedi. Now that's a good name

  3. 'To busy?'

    Too busy to spell correctly Andrilly?

  4. This post gives me such happiness. Lovely to visit Seanhenge again. I missed it so...:)

    Je crois que la fleur est une Etoile Bleue (or Blue Star).

    But maybe AndrillytheSilly knows best!

  5. Such splendour. Thank you for sharing these spring-soaked sights.

    Spring needs to excuse to warm our hearts, but it does it anyway.

  6. (By to excuse I mean no excuse. I have no excuse, except a lack of tea.)

  7. Bertus,
    yes, they acted as birthday croci on the ides of March. :)

    ... for he's a jolly good fellow ...

    probably too busy with being tired I was; and thank you very much, indeed.
    Seems I am somewhere between Scilla and Charybdis near Waterloo.And I wish it were night and Jundu Nthed came.

    Don QuiSquilly,
    o! I shall call you Blaustern, if you don't mind.
    On second thought: Are you sure? Aren't you rather Don WindMilly?

    so glad I could give you some happiness.
    As for your Etoile Bleue: both you are right, either AndrillytheSilly and you. :)

    a lack of tea?!
    If everything went properly and well, by now you should find some bags of Bewley's Breakfast Tea in your cupboard.
    So glad you enjoyed what spring offers to my eyes and heart, and yes, without needing an excuse.

  8. Spring is so refreshing. I so enjoy the first emergence of flowers.

  9. Sean: It was a lack of tea in my body, not my cupboard! Soon after leaving the comment, I drank two mugs.

  10. Ashley,
    isn't it lovely, getting surprised year after year after year ...?

    I thought so. Still, I did not resist mentioning there is some Bewley's left in a cupboard over here.
    Were I not wrong calling myself a braggadocio? :)