Thursday, February 07, 2013

Laughing Lhursday*

Blogger eaten by panther

Victim's last photo: his killer

Relics of a blogger:
Camera, right shoe, three bones.
photo © Sergeant Pluck

As he would not have liked to see such headlines in the mass media the owner of this blog, before going on his obviously last quest left a notice for me with both the password for Omnium and the request to discretely inform his friends in case something mysterious would happen to him.

Despite being busy with proof-reading my 1669 pages short opus magnum "Pre-Assyrian Philately in a Nutshell" I consider it my duty to fulfill my quixotic friend's wish.

Quixotic? you may ask. Well, wasn't it quixotic an idea to go photo hunting just to provide a Scottish brother in spirit the evidence of a panther "on this side of the bars"?

Did anyone recently see this panther?
Not only some bones and one shoe:
The killer also spit out his own mugshot.
photo © Sergeant Pluck
It may in these hours of grief and mourning not be the time for finger pointing and assignments of guilt, but – yes! – I tend to agree with Sergeant Pluck, the chief investigator in this mysterious case, that my sometimes a bit hot tempered friend might have let provoke himself by a certain Don QuiScottie who commented on one of Sean's  latest posts: "Eh... The Panther would not be bothered about the little bird... he'd be too busy eating you mate, and spitting out the camera as he ate... Obviously. [see post and comment section here];

That 'obviously', obviously oozing with mockery, seems to have sent my friend to where he is now. Obviously.

"So, what did that Don Qui Scottie know in advance?" asks Sergeant Pluck. "How could he know that the panther would be so stupid to spit out the camera while eating his victim, and thus delivering his mugshot to the investigating authority?"  

Well, all this and more will be part of the investigation.
Fact is: At this point it can neither be excluded that Don QuiScottie kens the panther, nor that he is deeper involved into the case.

Apart from this, according to Sergeant Pluck, there might be hope, as at this point it is not clear: How many percent panther has Sean become? Or vice versa. Is it possible the panther has or will become 100 percent Sean?

We shall see. For now let's not cry but try to think that amongst everything else it is part of Omnium that nothing is impossible.

[after dictation out of town]

* Typo in the title? Nah. It's just that Sean [peace be upon him] would not (have) let a tiny T spoil an avantgardistic alliteration.


  1. The game's afoot! Keep in mind conspiracy between panther and Quiscottie can't yet be ruled out.

  2. I wonder what happened to the other shoe.

    Oh, and our dear friend, Sean. Obviously.

  3. A true mystery. But if the Don didn't skewer me for my typos perhaps he didn't off Sean!

  4. Panthers always drag their booty to a tree or another high place where hyenas cannot come. So in this case Sean should have a much better view of the world.
    In Zimbabwe i was told about leopard men. They are almost omnipresent in either the shape of a panther or of a man. So we might just see a portrait of Omni-Sean here.

  5. Susan,
    is it possible you know more? Sergeant Pluck will be most thankful to learn more about this very Don.

    After your most interesting observation, sync, immediately the search for the second shoe got started.
    Meanwhile it has been intensified.
    By the way, interesting that someone would call Sean not only a friend, but even a dear friend. Personally I was not always sure about the 'dear'.
    Ahem, perhaps I should have written 'am'?

    A mystery, indeed, Mr. O'Donnell. However did you ever come to think that the suspect stopped skewing your typos, because he had a 'bigger deal' in mind?

    Mijnheer Pieters, this is an information, Sergeant Pluck will certainly consider helpful. I suppose during the weekend treetops in and around Seanhenge will be scrutinised.
    Thank you very much for your information.

  6. Well...

    With Sergeant Pluck on the case we can be sure of one thing...

    ...the mystery will never be solved.

    I would suggest that's a very clean shoe for one that has supposedly had a foot chewed out of it, by the way. I suspect a conspiracy of a different kind. A faked disappearance?

    On his way to South America by bicycle as we speak, I suspect (though if so he will soon find his plans hit a watery obstacle)

    Sean Gone? Hmm.

  7. The evidence is far to neatly displayed!!

    It looks like a case of Reginald Perrin to me...

  8. Oh, chapeau, Don QuiScottie.
    The main suspect going out on a limb! A bit too far, obviously.
    Offence not always is the best defence. Having read your very kind, even touching sounding comments after our missing blogger's latest posts, Sergeant Pluck said he was sure "that suspect has nothing at all to do with our case".
    Now he might re-think.

    is it possible, Mylady, you've too much time playing board games and watching TV?
    According to the chief investigator, this is one of the most difficult cases, he has ever been asked to solve.
    Without telling too much: It was exactly the evidence you called 'neatly displayed' that alerted Sergeant Pluck.

  9. I do play board games but I have to confess, I NEVER watch TV!

  10. Your honesty does honour you, CherryPie,but when not watching TV how could you ever stumble upon Reginald Perrin?

    The peace of the night to you, Mylady.

  11. Those bones are not human! That's all I'll say...

  12. The missing blogger has eaten the Panther?

  13. Possibly (or another thing-object), Don QuickScot! And the missing blogger is too guilty (or replete) to come back right away. It will be a while. But Pluck will find him....