Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Time to say good bye

 As far as I see / remember everything I consider essential has been written.

Fear not. No résumé to follow.

Just thanks to those who, over the years, became kind of friends.
Good luck to you.

I may come back.

For now, though, off I go.

Following the panther.


  1. I do hope you will come back Sean. We will miss you

  2. We haven't visited one another all that often but I will miss you, Sean.

    Be well.

  3. Perhaps you'll return. I hope so.
    I will miss you too.
    Take care, have fun.

  4. Nous allons manquer Omnium.
    Be well! :-)

  5. Take care and be well.

    We had some fun and interesting conversations over those years :-)

  6. Whatever way the wind blows you, or freedom takes you... or a bit of both, perhaps, do try to take good care of yourself inside that skull wherein you reside. I have enjoyed your thoughts and views. Good wishes.