Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cages of Freedom

Under the hazel
I was pondering about
Cages of Freedom


  1. Freedom in cages?
    Whats the point of having wings
    If you can't fly out?

  2. Very nice, Claude.

    Here's my try:

    we're all in cages
    but some are better furnished
    freedom's elusive

  3. And the result, Ashley?

    and what if the parrot defines this side of the bars as "out" [and pities those "in the cage"?

    phew!! Thank you! Thank you very much.

    Well, or a saw to escape the cage, CherryPie. :)

  4. I wrote a long reply to this earlier and then I pressed something I shouldn't have and lost it.

    I did get your point but I was thinking, amongst other things that there are different kinds of freedom, different kinds of cages.
    What one person thinks of as freedom, another person could think of as a cage. I was thinking of freedom as a state of mind. I'm still thinking.

    And as for the need of a saw, a key or a lock-pick might be quicker.

  5. Sean, I never thought a parrot really wanted to be in a cage, and repeating the dumb words "clever" humans were teaching him to say....

    I guess freedom is what S.E. says, "a state of mind". Freedom can be very frightening. In a way, we all build our own cages and clip our wings voluntarily for fear of flying.

  6. Thank you, Ashley. You seem to have read my thoughts. :)
    Let's not stop thinking . . .

    actually, and without telling the plot, the very short story which gave this book its title is about a parrot considering his lady as behind the bars, and he wants nothing more than to free her, to bring her on "this side" of the bars.
    I am not sure freedom frightens me, but yes, I do agree with your following sentence. Thank you.

  7. I think I maybe know what Claude means: with freedom comes responsibility. And too much responsibility can become a burden.
    I've heard that some long term convicts on release find their new-found freedom too much.
    I've also heard two people of different religions tell me that they don't question what their religion dictates because it's better to just follow their laws.
    I will never stop asking questions.