Friday, June 27, 2014

Mother Earth


  1. There was good news yesterday from the Canadian Supreme Court to say the Yinka Dene have full title of their land. That means the Northern Gateway Pipeline from the Alberta tar sands through British Columbia will not be built.. unless, of course, they decide to make a long detour.

    1. Ach, if only I had not almost entirely lost my trustfulness.

  2. 150 years late. Mieux vaut tard que jamais, Susan. Rejoicing with all my First Nations friends. Praying that it will be respected fully.

    Thank you for this post, Sean.
    I will share it on Facebook to 'celebrate' Canada Day. So sad what we've done with the beautiful land we took away from the Natives. We should be ashamed to see some of the squalid reservations where we have confined them for years. Many of the treaties we offered them, long ago, were not worth anymore than the cheap bric-à-brac we gave them to buy their peaceful agreement to our presence on acres and acres of their land.

  3. And thank you always for all your music post, Sean. :)