Sunday, September 14, 2014

Post on Paisley

By calling someone an evil bastard I would have to explain why, hm?

Fortunately, I do not need to waste time and words on Ian Paisley.

Bock the Robber did it for me, and this one about the old hate preacher is a nice one, too. Interestingly, after 23 comments it reads: Comments are closed. Ha ha ha . . .


  1. Horrendous, hate monger. I can't bring myself to say a good word. Responsible for the rise of the IRA, an era of intolerance and unfairness. I say that as a protestant. Ashamed.

    1. As Ruth Dudley Edward wrote: "A thundering bigot and a force for ill almost all of his life, he was never targeted for assassination by the IRA leadership because they were smart enough to realise he was their best recruiting sergeant."