Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Rowan

A birthday present
after ten years a grown-up.
An old man's delight.


  1. A beautiful fruit that can make very fine tangy jelly (as my mother made every year), or interesting wine (as my father made), and I have read they can get birds "inebriated" if they over-indulge. Wonderful trees.

  2. I am inclined to say the pleasure I get from rowans is on seeing the berries attached to the tree, often well into winter.

    Eventually the birds and mammals will consume them but maybe they like looking at them for a spell too.

    1. True, although the brightness of the berry is the seed's way of saying "Eat me. Please eat me, and spread my seed" to the birds. Life is so full of dilemmas (dilemmae? dilemmata?). I always left "my own" Rowan alone, until my neighbour noticed it was actually his and cut it down. Now I have no Rowan. I may go and get one soon.

  3. It's beautiful. Happy birthday to you, Sean. x o x