Thursday, August 04, 2016

Rah Rah

Raven Ale


  1. Now this one I know is good. Every Orkney Ale I've ever tasted has been good.

    1. It's good. Not sure, though, whether it's worth its price. Still, it's a fine reminder of that I'd like to visit Orkney again, and stay for a while.

    2. It is not expensive here, but I am closer to Orkney than you, but have never got closer to Orkney than gazing across the sea from Dunnet Head. I should go. Let me know when you will be there, and in which pub, at what time...

    3. Almost 4€ per bottle. But as a raven is in the sign of daughter's bookshop I bought a few "potential requisites" for this and that window dressing.
      A fine thought once to meet ... in a pub between Stromness and Kirkwall.
      A pub on Harris would be nice, too. Haven't been there, yet.
      Actually, any place in Scotland would be a good one to meet you. Hopefully. :)

    4. Ah... we have differing views on expensive. Sounds reasonable to me. Seems like I better buy the beers then.

    5. Well, a cask of the German beer that I prefer (20 bottles à 0,5 litre), costs between 10.50 and 14€.
      The same amount of Raven Ale would cost appr. 40€, and all I doubt is whether it is worth the difference.

    6. I may move to Germany with wonderful German beer at that price (although I will not be allowed to stay for long once Britain exits the EU, unless you could adopt me...)

  2. Replies
    1. Well, at this price I would not share it with any raven.