Sunday, January 08, 2017

Untouchable 96

Leonardo Sciascia's statue
in Racalmuto,
his native town in Sicily.

Leonardo Sciascia (January 8, 1921 – November 20, 1989)

Leonardo Sciascia Web (italiano)


  1. What a great idea for a statue. I have never heard of him.

    1. "I call it the coffee line, the strong black coffee line... It's rising like mercury in a thermometer... this strong coffee line, this scandal line, rising up throughout Italy and already passed Rome...” ― Leonardo Sciascia, The Day of the Owl

      The dark stain has spread much wider, actually, such as I do begin to yearn to leave (sometimes).

    2. I wonder how often people will tell their neighbours: "Imagine, today I ran into Leonardo Sciascia."
      Despite knowing you are not a fervent reader of fiction I do suggest: In case you have two pairs of trousers sell one and buy his books.

    3. I believe I could manage that outlay without selling the trousers, but which book? The Day of the Owl or another? Not that I am promising to follow your suggestion, but I will consider it.

    4. Hm, difficult to decide. My first encounter with Sciascia's work was The Day of the Owl.
      Then followed:
      - To Each His Own;

      - Equal Danger;

      - The Mystery of Majorana, which in the German translation is a book of its own; The Moro Affair I haven't read yet, but hopefully will.

      - Simple Story; in the German translation the book also contains "Death and the Knight" which you would find in Open Doors and three Novellas.

      Finally for now, I recommend The Wine Dark Sea.

      Whatever book you decide to give a try: I hope you will like it.

    5. I do begin to wonder if there is more truth to be found in fiction than in many words presented as fact.

    6. My dear friend, in fiction, in satire, in (political) cabaret. Almost certainly, in the fiction of Leonardo Sciascia.
      'Post-truth' / 'postfaktisch' has become 'word of the year' in Germany.

  2. Now he's on my list too.

    The wonderful statue reminds me of the marvelous collection of street bronzes in Portland.

    1. Wonderful. Please let me know, when you have finished the first book and ordered the second. :)
      No street bronzes in Halifax then? I