Friday, January 27, 2017


Certain young contemporaries obviously need to be taught the hard way. And not only on January 27.


P.S. When I decided to post this, there were quite a few more photos. 
Since, most of the "artists" took the offer to send an email to undouche them:  "I'm on one of the pictures and suddenly regret having uploaded it to the internet. Can you remove it?"Even the two young gentlemen who found so funny to post their photo adding "Jumping on dead Jews".

P.P.S. Meanwhile all photos have been removed. 


  1. I saw these appalling pictures last week. While I don't object to people taking photographs as a reminder it appears the 'selfie' crowd wasn't able to take the time to think of anything other than their appearance on social media. Not even while visiting a memorial for the victims of genocide.

    1. For those who do not know (their) history
      it might come as a surprise
      that history does repeat itself.