Sunday, July 30, 2017

Today 32 Years Ago

Interesting. July 22nd this year was a Saturday as it was in 2006, when something happened in my life.
And right now I got aware of that July 30th this year is a Sunday as it was a Sunday in 1985 when I climbed Croagh Patrick on my bare feet, one week after this agnostic had "made" Station Island.
At the time I am writing this, I was trying to get some sleep on the carpark at the foot of Croagh Patrick when I got awaken by both monotone and hysteric a voice, again and again shouting "Get out of it! Get out of it!"
Carefully I opened the car door, got out and – became witness of an exorcism.

Why would people do this?

He, for example kept a promise.
An agnostic's pilgrimage.


  1. This (the strange behaviour of the exorcism people) reminds me of something similar on my most recent visit to Avebury...

    On that occasion we were just trying to enjoy the stones at Avebury and understand them from a historical perspective in context with the landscape.

    On undertaking a pilgrimage agnostics, atheists and believers of faiths hope to reach the 'entity/existence' beyond our physical experience on earth.

    It comes from within our own spirit not a any Dogmas laid down.

    1. Well, I sometimes used to call it my agnostic pilgrimage; actually I did it not for any spiritual, but for journalist's reason. You can better write about what you have witnessed.

  2. I read Graham Greene said that if you were reporting on human pain, you had a duty to share it.

    1. Well, Greene may have exaggerated a bit, but he's right, by and large.