Thursday, December 12, 2019

You are entering Free Britain now

It's not about The Cockroach.

 It's about the mindset of a "majority".*

 Good night, England, and good luck.

* The cockroaches will teach them, anyway.


  1. "England" only? Not Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland?

  2. Ah, orginally there stood "Great Britain", but then I changed my mind. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales might make their own way. What works in football should also work in politics.
    Not that I think particularism, nationalism even, will help people's life improve.
    The problems are only going to intensify.

    1. Aye, but we are all in the meantime under the rule of Big Boris for the next five years for better or worse, as they say, unless unlikely events intervene. We shall see eh? Sometimes events can be surprising. Even Boris might surprise us.

    2. And I am not sure that Scotland having its own football team exactly "works" (adding a :) and hoping Don QuiScottie is not looking).

    3. As for Scotland's football team: Agreed, it does not "work" extraordinarily successful, but it works.
      What I wanted to say: "Great" Britain can challenge the world with four national teams; so why should people in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall be forced under the whip of notorious liars and hazardeurs? They could as well surrender to cockroaches.
      Don QuiScottie will know the trick. :)

    4. In deference to Professor Tetrapilotomie I feel compelled to pedantically point out that Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, for GB is just England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is, however, part of what is officially known as "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", aka the UK... (as for the Isle of Mann, Jersey and Guernsey, I will wait Tetrapilotomie's verdict for I am unsure. What I am fairly sure of is that in 50 years time Northern Ireland will, by dint of demographic change, have voted to become part of Ireland (Eire). I suspect, but am much less sure, that Scotland may by then just be Scotland; and I am pretty sure that the EU will have fragmented further, oh, and that I will be dead. Amen.

    5. Interestingly, only two minutes ago I happened to enter his sanctuary, saw Tetrapilotomos nodding and heard him murmur: This Dr. Scott might not be wrong. He might even become a witness.
      Then he fell taciturn again, and I stepped silently out, as he can become impulsive like a Highlander, when feeling disturbed while concentrating on proof-reading his 1,669 pages short opus magnum "Pre-Assyrian Philately in a Nutshell".

    6. Prof. Tetrapilotomos and Don QuiScottie would make an interesting team (if they didn't end up assaulting each other over some minor dispute that appeared extremely major to them).

    7. Or a fierce dispute about an extremely minor matter. Would be interesting for you and me being flies on the wall then, anyway; and almost riskless as it is likely that neither gentleman would throw his glas against ... well, at least not as long as there is a wee drop in the dram.