Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Every Year Again

Alle Jahre wieder**
Kommt das Christuskind
Auf die Erde nieder,
Wo wir Menschen sind.

Kehrt mit seinem Segen
Ein in jedes Haus,
Geht auf allen Wegen
Mit uns ein und aus.
Every year again
Comes the Christ Child
Down to earth
Where we humans are.

Stops with its blessing
At every house
Walks on all paths
With us in and out.
* * For the past twelve years I have been posting this very "Christmas"-photo "every year again". The accompanying texts: different.
Nothing has changed for the better. Callousness, egoism, greed, hypocrisy and – above all – stupidity are obviously increasing at the same speed as (wo)mankind is proliferating.
In this sense: Merry Christmas.
Enjoy life as long as you can.
And don't feel guilty!
Humbleness is for the others, eh?!


  1. Hi Sean,
    Whilst I appreciate the caring nature of the post and that statistics are of cold comfort to those suffering, I think it’s also only fair to point out some significant progress has been made to halve the global proportion living in extreme poverty.
    Both from the World Health Organisation and from data pertaining to the Millennium project they both demonstrate, although the future gains of that magnitude look much more difficult, a lot of progress has been achieved and I expect will continue. Best wishes for next year.

    1. I do see your point, Lindsay, and yes, I do appreciate what very many people are doing in order to change "things" for the better, but as you wrote, statistics are of cold comfort to those suffering.
      Thank you for your good wishes, dear Lindsay. And a happy new year to you and the yours!

  2. It's good to remember and hope for better while doing what we can to improve conditions for everyone.

    Happy New Year, dear Sean.

    1. Yes! Lets do what we can.
      Happy New Year, Susan. My good thoughts are with you.