Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Light Night

Watch out ...
your solitude
was chosen by yourself
pain comes, pain goes, like nights, my friend
whine not!


  1. Ah, look see
    Alone, just me
    Which is what you chose to be
    Pain? Anguish?
    Light will extinguish
    Moan? Alone? Be gone!

    1. A fire of joyous relief does gleam
      in my eyes, the left and the right,
      that this was but a ghastful dream,
      and that McScottagall, the bright,
      did survive not only this fight
      but also the complete night.

    2. Don QuiScottie de L'EcosseWednesday, April 22, 2020 12:42:00 am

      Wheesht! What?
      Seanso, Scott?
      Words each write(s)
      Pain at night(s)?
      Anguish, right?
      All that woe the Don does smite!
      Swish, swosh,
      My work is done,
      A peaceful night now
      till morning sun

    3. Dear Don QuiScottie de L'Ecosse
      Always faster than Stirling Moss
      The Raymond Poulidor of Formula One
      Always second, never won.
      Less anguish it was
      But pain in the back
      that kept me awake (read: awack)
      But now it's all over
      And crimson and clover
      Sleep well, noble Don (read: Done)
      til returneth the sun

      That wishes to all

  2. That is a wonderful photo by the way, may I say?

    1. Who am I to argue with you. ;-)

      A bit more serious: Thank you.