Sunday, July 26, 2020

Never bother a drunken beastie

While picking up dropped cherries
I got rewarded with an adrenaline kick:
Some drunken tiny beastie
had obviously felt bothered
by my right forefinger
and stung.
Which is why the white bucket
remained half empty.


  1. I would suggest a more general and shorter version of your advice: "Never bother a drunk"

    1. Ah, this does not lack of poignant accuracy, thanks.
      I'll tell that beastie!

    2. Ach, thinking of bothering... Although certainly not drunk, I am currently beerily mellowed, so although there are things I could do, I just can't be "bothered" (other than to play around with words, a little, tasting the hop within my spittle). A repose of untroubled thoughtfulness would be nice, for us both. Sometimes as I drift towards nightly peacefulness I do fear wakening though. Goodnight. (It has been a difficult few days, but difficulties can pass). It's a strange old business, this game we call life.

    3. I like that thought: untroubled thoughtfulness. May it come upon both you and me.
      The peace of the night!